Epiphone Les Paul Electro-Acoustic Concert

My Vintage Sunburst


Publicity Photo
Cherry Sunburst

It is tuned g~C~E~A and has Worth Brown strings on

One thing though, It may say Les Paul, it may even look like a Les Paul but it sounds like a Ukulele

Epiphone Les Paul

Gibson no longer make Ukuleles - apart from the fact that Gibson own Epiphone and Epiphone make this particular model of Ukulele.

Also as Gibson own Epiphone and this is an Epiphone it means this is a real Les Paul rather than just a Les Paul shape. It even says Les Paul on the headstock.

The Epiphone Les Paul comes in two finishes, the Vintage Sunburst, like mine, and the Cherry Sunburst, (shown in the publicity shot along with its soft gig bag)

The Ukulele itself is very solidly built, (in Indonesia). It feels like you could club baby seals to death with it and then still knock out a tune. The downside of this solidity is it has a very thick sound board and this coupled with the fact it has quite a thin body means its not very loud acoustically, you can of course put it through an amplifier though and it does do very well when amplified