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Not another Ukulele?

posted by Lardy Fatboy

No this time it's a new, (to me) camera to take Ukulele pictures for the Ukulele Corner website. I have traded up again, this time to a full DSLR 20 megapixel Sony. It has a couple of issues both specifically and generally (according to reviews) but they all affect using it to take snapshots, action shots and photos of people none of which I plan to do so none of them will affect my use of it. The only thing the review said that might have a bearing is the review said the standard lens is OK but you can get better. Well fair enough it's a DSLR so I'll try it with the standard lens and if I'm not happy I can always get a new lens for it 

Anyway watch this space for lots of nice new, super-sharp pictures of the current residents; and any new residents that come

Yes I'm back in business...

posted 17 May 2016, 08:49 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 24 May 2016, 02:49 ]

fender52 telecaster concert ukulele
With Ukulele Corner providing a safe home for Ukuleles and other fretted chordophones, (and probably unfretted ones too if they need a home)
This time I have invited a fairly new Fender '52 Concert to come and live here. When I started inviting Ukuleles I knew at least one Fender would come being a fan of the electric Guitars so I got the Hai'ola but I thought at the time Fender should, themselves cash in on the Telecaster body shape like Gibson did with the Epiphone Les Paul, and were one available I would have gone for that even though I had the Mahalo "Tele" already. Later when the did bring one out I was tempted, as I was again with the T-Bucket. When I was moving from the old Corner and the chap buying it wanted me to leave him a good Ukulele, (cheeky sod!) I did consider leaving him the Hai'ola so I had an excuse to get a T-Bucket or a '52. I didn't; I kept the Hai'ola and it is still much loved but when this one came up at a pretty bargain price I thought I would have a punt. As it was no one else bid so it's now on the way here where I can use it to play along with all the old Clash songs

It's Here!

And it's very Rock'n'Roll! Very glossy 2-tone vintage sunburst, built in tuner/pickup, (though it looks like the batteries on the way out; but this is the only evidence it isn't new. Well this and the fact that the strings have finished stretching so it stays in tune) This really is the Ukulele that Fender should make; and now they do. I was a little disappointed with the tone when I first played it but I'm warming to it the more I play it. I have been playing a spruce top and that has a lot more volume and a different tone which is what I was comparing it to Possibly I may still change the strings anyway? I'm not sure what is on it at the moment but I do think there is some scope still for improvement , maybe some reds? maybe some fluorocarbon? Certainly I will report back if I find a set that makes it sound better (and I may be sounding like I have a downer on it but really it's not that bad and it does look the mutt's...) I do think it's lovely and I am glad I invited it to Ukulele Corner
And the more I play it the more I like the tone and the overall playability; I'm liking it more and more!

And the Mandolin Collection has started too!

posted 1 May 2016, 03:59 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 1 May 2016, 06:00 ]

Cumbus Mando
Well as I was out inviting the Banjo to Ukulele Corner the purveyor of "stuff" at the pawn shop told me he also had a little "Lute thing" in that was going "very cheap" Now very cheap are always words to perk up my interest so I said I would have a look. He got it out of the window and I was quite taken; what he had was not a lute thing but a Cümbüş wooden flat backed Mandolin Looking at the label it said it was their "Napoliten" model but it included a reference to the website so it wasn't that old. Now I didn't know Cümbüş made wooden instruments but I knew their Banjo range and that they were Turkey's foremost instrument manufacturer so I was very interested especially at the what was "very cheap" price. It was in bad need of new strings and had led a hard life previous to ending up in the shop so I said I would think about it having just invited the Banjo and left the shop. I did think about it too... I though "I pay less than that for buns in the week; it's an interesting looking chordophone from a maker I have always said I was interested in the wares off and I had always said to myself I would start a Mandolin collection one day", (obfuscating to myself again as I already have 4, 5 if you count the Bandolim - how can I say start? - thats a bigger collection than most people, whatever) I thought about it for all of 20m down the road before i turned around and went back. He even knocked another pound off the price so it got an invitation to Ukulele Corner too and "Officially" started the Mandolin Collection

Its Here

And when I looked it up on the Internet I found it was actually a Piccolo Mandolin with a scale length of 326mm (a standard Mandolin should have a scale length of at least 350mm) This makes me even happier to have invited it, I do like diminutive chordophone even though the are harder to play and there are not many Piccolo Mandolins on the market either. Now it currently has fairly heavy strings on and so is tuned to a standard G~D~A~E tuning but the string need replacing so I will go for a lighter set and give it the high C~G~D~A tuning like a Mandola but an octave higher. After all I can't play the Mandolin so it's not going to throw me on the chord shapes (Well I can play "Sweet Home Alabama" but I'm fairly sure I can manage that transposed too). It is a bit chipped but there is no structural problems and it's not like I haven't got plenty of "experienced" Ukuleles at the corner to keep it company and it is laminate spruce but there are plenty of laminate Ukuleles too. it was never meant to be a High Class instrument but it is Class and given the maker and the size it was always going to be on my want list as soon as I knew of its existence

Looks like the flood gates have opened!

posted 1 May 2016, 03:57 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 2 May 2016, 14:35 ]

And the 5 string Banjo collection has started too!!
There is, on Ukulele Island, a lot of pawn shops not far from Ukulele Corner and I have taken to walking past them whilst out on my daily walk; and sometimes going in to look at what nice chordophones have been abandoned there. Possibly I shouldn't, after all it's mostly Guitars and I can't play Guitar (though the Gibson Les Paul in one of them is very nice and I'm tempted - but at £1200, not that tempted) Now I can't play the Banjo either but one of them had a very nice, clean Barnes & Mullins open back Banjo at a very reasonable price and I thought it would be a welcome addition to Ukulele Corner. I said to myself "if I win the lottery tonight I will invite it to the corner" Well I also thought "if I win big I'll invite the Les Paul too." Well I didn't win big but I did win; £2.60. Obfuscation I know but a promise is a promise so I have invited the Banjo to Ukulele Corner.

It's Here!

Now I have to work out how to play it?
I like the sound of the Banjo and I know playing one has a lot to do with finger picking, (which I am crap at) but i think there is more to it than that? Anyway...
What I have invited is a Barnes and Mullins open backed Banjo One that is quite plain and looks very businesslike which was one of the things that struck me about it. I looked at the B&M catalogue and the only open back banjo I could see was the "Albert" and this was much "flashier" than this one with florid fret markers and a much fancier headstock. Mine looks like the same basic body, size of drum, size of neck and everything; even the headstock shape is the same but I don't know if it is an "Albert" or another model. I can see it is fairly new but I don't know exactly how old, if it is a discontinued model not that it really matters I think it looks and feels really nice and it gives me the opportunity to try and learn to play Banjo and to start a Banjo collection too! Especially as it came with a good padded soft case and some finger (and thumb) picks.

It's all starting over...

posted 30 Apr 2016, 07:14 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 May 2016, 12:25 ]

Buying clunkers, not having anywhere to hang them the whole shaboo...
I still haven't even got all of the Ukuleles to Ukulele Island never mind Ukulele Corner on Ukulele Island. This is one of the reasons I haven't been inviting new, (to me), Ukulele to live here. I must get it all together soon though not least because I have invited a new resident. 
Like ƒ holes I am a sucker for perloid and this one as not only a perloid fretboard but a perloid golpeador too! I'm not entirely sure of the maker? I know it is 1930's and European, maybe British(?) made. I am assured that it is all in good order with no splits, cracks or major chips, (of course it still might be a right clunker and these assurances might not be true?) I hope that I can work out more about its maker when it gets here.
I hope I have somewhere to hang it properly when it gets here too!

It's Here!

And in worse shape than I had hoped - same old clunker buying. 
It is missing 4 frets which I did ask about and the seller was a bit evasive over, and the soundboard is coming away at the top bout; which there was no mention of - moral never trust an ebay sellers description of an old Ukulele with no issues. On the plus side I think all of the faults are fairly easy fixes, other than these it is in remarkably unplayed looking condition and I do love the pearloid fretboard and golpeador; very period and authentic, also I think very retro and hip. I think it's old case is quite funky too and not like any I have seen before, which given that there are no makers markings on it makes it difficult to say who made it? It was clearly of reasonable quality when it was made and the bridge has a proper and separate saddle which again points to quality and also the possibility of German/Czech origins, though the perloid makes me think English and the headstock makes me think Barnett Samuel for one of the London distributors? I'll need to keep my eye out for more old catalogues, (and get it fixed)

Ukulele Corner Lives Again!!!

posted 19 Feb 2016, 06:26 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 19 Feb 2016, 06:30 ]

Ukulele Cornet Ukulele island map
Well Almost...

There is a new Ukulele Corner, it is now on Ukulele Island and some of the Ukuleles have come home to it but as always I need to put some rails up. Well I need to put a lot of rails up because at the moment they are all sitting on the floor but the space is here and soon all of the Ukuleles will be

and then maybe some more might come?

I may have had a little accident!

posted 26 Nov 2015, 14:51 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 1 Dec 2015, 08:47 ]

Makala ghost Waterman plastic soprano Ukulele
You know how it is, I was looking at a picture of the new (to the UK) transparent Makala Waterman plastic Sopranos and my finger accidentally slipped on the buy button, (and one the entering my current temporary address fields too - that's an awful lot of finger slipping!), so now one is trying to find me and hang until we can all move into the new Ukulele Corner, (hopefully before Christmas) I had been being very good and avoided the temptation of a number of others while I am stuck in limbo, (and I probably should have waited on this too - I bet the price goes down after Christmas). I have also said that I have more than enough plastic Ukuleles; they are not that good either to play or decoratively, but my caveat on that was "unless I got a transparent one" I don't know why but I have always liked the idea of a transparent Ukulele? - My other caveat is how many times have I said "no more clunkers" and then been unable to resist a bargain? I must say though I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to the other plastic Ukuleles that have come onto the market in the last year; and looking forward to welcoming a nice new Ukulele too

It's Here !

Wherever here is - and I am in trouble there are lots of things I should be doing rather than buying new Ukuleles, especially as all of the others are packed away. But it's nice to have a new Ukulele; even if I can't play it much, and I have no idea when I can take some proper photos of it. Or how? It is clear and so it going to present a few challenges, not least keeping it clean because at the moment it would be the dirt and grease spots that would show up the most. its also tricky because the strings need stretching but it makes a noise and I'm not suppose to make much of a Ukulele noise until I get my own house. At the moment it is more likely I write a review of it that I take photos or do a sound clip But then I did say in the last Aqulele review that the big elephant in the room was the lack of a waterman to compare it with, and now I can remedy this. 


posted 29 Oct 2015, 15:54 by Lardy Fatboy

Well that's it for the moment The Ukuleles are all in temporary accommodation, apart from a couple that have gone on to a new home, (or even possibly the old one because I gave them to the person who bought the old Ukulele Corner?), as am I, and we are all in limbo waiting for the lovely new Ukulele Corner to become available. The new Ukulele Corner will still be directly above the centre of the earth so all Ukuleles needing refuge will know how to find it but in future it will be Ukulele Corner of Ukulele Island because of course Ukuleles like the Island life; surf and sea breezes, boats and beaches, all that sort of thing. The trouble at the moment is I really am not in a position to invite any new, (or new to me), Ukuleles to come to the new corner but I am making a list and looking forward to sending out some invites - Watch this space!

I'm so excited...

posted 4 Oct 2015, 13:03 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Oct 2015, 03:00 ]

Soprano Banjolele
And I just can't hide it... G minor,  Eb, F, G minor 
The "I'm about to loose control" line is wrong though because I think I have already lost control First I buy a new home for Ukulele Corner so now it will be Ukulele Corner of Ukulele Island then I do one of those looking at ebay and seeing a nice, in this case, Banjolele about to end and no one bidding on it very low starting price and no reserve, bound to have a load of action in the last minute but I'll still have a punt at the low asking price - and then there was no last minute action! What I have invited is a MISCo (Musical Instrument Specialities Co. of Elkhart, Indiana) metal body banjolele in a copper finish; one of the classic pre war US Banjoleles! This one is the less deluxe version with the "gumby" headstock and no metal pan resonator, (but it does come with a contemporary hard case so shows it never had one - they didn't all). These were most often sold in the US under Bruno's Maxitone branding, and the Banjo-ette Elkhart, Indiana branding too but a number of people distributed them, (including it would seem someone in the UK but I don't know who? - maybe the case will give me a clue),  and you do see a lot that were never branded. It needs a new bridge and the frets apparently need dressing both of which I can sort out so this should be a welcome new resident - once the new, purpose built, Corner is up and holding residents

It's Here!

And very coppery it is too. The case is on the used side but it has kept the little banjo fairly shiny and bright. I don't like the strings much (but then I have the set I put on the Shanghai Skylark to replace them with) and I seem to have packed all of my spare bridges already (so I have had to "borrow" one from one of the Banjoleles that's still here) but the skin is perfect so even with the strings it came with its very playable and I'm about to loose control and I think I like it...

This is a really bad idea...

posted 19 Sep 2015, 16:18 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 29 Oct 2015, 16:00 ]

1960's Chinese made Skylark Soprano Ukulele
And I could be in trouble with miss moo and others if they see I have invited this veteran to Ukulele Corner. You see I, and Ukulele Corner, am, (are is?) in the process of moving. Well we will still be directly above the centre of the Earth but you know what I mean at the moment a number of the Ukuleles are in temporary accommodation and most of those that haven't already gone are in boxes ready to go so I really shouldn't be inviting more - at least until the new,  purpose built corner is ready; then !!!
Anyway usual routine up this one pops on eBay - I thought it looked interesting, a lot of experience showing on the finish but from the pictures it looks basically sound and whilst I know I have seen that S shaped fret board end before I couldn't remember if I saw it on a 1930's German model or a 1950's Japanese one? Either way it looked interesting and I though I would at least have a small punt, (like I do for interesting instruments and generally get outbid) Well this time I didn't so its coming to the original Ukulele Corner just in time to be packed up and moved. Never mind I am excited at having it come and looking forward to finding out if the pretty binding is inlay or decal, if there are any makers marks and if it is pre war solid woods or post war laminate? (but possibly still solid woods). Meanwhile I will hunt through my notes to see if I can remember where I had seen the design before? Now the tuners are the 60's shark tooth ones but they may be replacements - or a number of Occupied Japanese makers copied Harmonies design and they are original? The bridge is a one piece wooden affair but its not a design I recognise but I enjoy all of the detective work, as well as playing the Ukulele and the workmanship that went into making it and I shall look forward to reporting who made it once I have solved the misery.

It's Here

And it was a bad idea!!
Once I unpacked it there were two main problems - the first is its in a lot worse condition than I was led to expect with a crack that runs the length of the sound board, (which at least shows it is solid wood though probably pine; and the binding is a decal), and a place where the body is coming away from the soundboard. There might also be a crack in the side and a place where the back is coming away from the sides too; on top of all the clear scuffing and chips shown in the picture. I'm tempted to return it as "not as described" given that there was no mention of any cracks, but given what I paid for it and the cost of sending it back, its probably not worth it. The other thing and its not a problem other than a problem of my attribution, but as soon as I took it out of the packing I knew it as a late 20th c. Skylark Ukulele made in Shanghai, Peoples, Republic of China, not a brand, location or period that was known for its quality! Now I knew that one day one would find its way to Ukulele Corner, there are just too many about but I was expecting to be given one or find one and if I was going to buy one... Well I have passed up lots in the past for the same sort of money in much better condition. Oh well its here now so I will have a good look at it so I can recognise them more easily, (its already made me go back and look at a lot of the unbranded Ukulele pictures I have to see if I have miss-attributed them to pre-war Germany), clean it up a bit and learn to love it for what it is. I'm not so sure I will try to get the cracks fixed though? I try and string it and make a sound sample and it can hang with all the other clunkers representing a period and a location that done make up the full history of the Ukulele.

I tried putting some strings on - and surprisingly it sounded a lot better than I though it would! For a bit - the string tension causes the crack to widen  making a dreadful buzz and clearly damaging the soundboard further! It said quite clearly on the eBay description "No Cracks" and as this is clearly cracked and unusable I have decided to return it and get for my money back. Given the 5 minutes that the tone was OK though I may be a little more favourable about the next top end Shanghai Skylark I see?

It's Gone

I'm always a little sad when I can't home a Ukulele at the corner but I don't have space for every thing. I learned a lot from it and it took a reasonable photo for what it was I still had to pay postage one way for these privileges and given the seller I fully expect to see it back on eBay shortly  

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