Here's a sampling of some of our gear. 
About a third of it, we'd estimate.

(Yep, those are, in fact, peeps in a frying pan.)

Actual Rehearsal Quotes:
(Most by our lovely Cousin Bunnie)
She may be mute on stage, but you should hear her in rehearsal!

"It's hard to do yoga in tap shoes"[Bunnie]

"I forgot the jeans for my tambourine" [Bunnie]

"The lighter on the horse is stuck in the water jug" [Bunnie]

"Did you remember to put the insults in your bra?"[Jimmy Lou]

"I need to make a funnier lunch" [Aunt Mary]

"I'm going out for moustaches this afternoon" [Aunt Mary]

"Did you remember to turn the log on?" [Genevieve]

"It just needs a little bacon to establish itself" 
[Damon Whittemore, our sound engineer]