The Story of The Ukuladies

The Ukuladies are a perpetually-touring, twin-sister, aunt, and one tap-dancing-cousin act from Regina, Canada with a lust for life and its idle curiosities. Fraternal twins Genevieve and Jimmy Lu, with Aunt Mary Louise, and Cousin Bunnie  grew up together in a close and large family...that was big...ahem. 

The ladies played music together under the tutelage of various uncles and an occasional grandmother who nurtured the girls' love of small instruments that make plinky sounds. Seeing and more importantly hearing their talents, a relative at a family picnic said " gals oughta get outa here and play somewhere else!!" 

So, they took that advice and headed for bigger Winnipeg! From there on, they became the infamous Ukuladies who are proud to have hit nearly every Holiday Inn on the Eastern seaboard.

Come and join the "ladies" as they share cowboy love songs, Ruth Wallis medleys, faves from the 30s and 40s, and a host of original hits! 

Albany Times Union says:
"...zany, smart, musically spot-on and action-packed – full of sass and spunk...The four endlessly charming Ukuladies played fiddle, spoons, flute, trombone kazoo, pennywhistle, cymbal, toy concertina, musical saw, doorbell, harmonica, toy flute, washboard, glockenspiel, banjo, ocarina, coconuts, toy piano, tap shoes and, of course, an impressive array of ukuleles in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

    And those were just the musical instruments. But you see, the Ukuladies are not simply a musical act – they’re a full-scale entertainment featuring singing, dancing, acting, comedy and equine fire-breathing. And their arsenal of props also included a frying pan, a ghost horse with devil horns, fake beards and mustaches, aprons, a log, soda cans, funny money, a toy six-shooter, globes on strings, random signage, a cardboard jukebox and many other assorted items too humorous to mention." Read full article here

Mannhatan Users Guide says: "beauties playing ukes and singing while another does tap dancing, percussion, and props. Last night, they distributed at various times bacon, frosted cookies, scratch-off tickets (I won $4), and champagne (for the "Tiny Bubbles" finale). Check. Them. Out." says: "They played a great set of old favorites and lovable original tunes that                                                                 included lots of ukuleles, but also tap dancing, vibra-slap, an undead fire-breathing horse, fiddle,                                                                         musical saw, and lots of great audience bribes, including a jar of cookies, scratch-offs, champagne, and most pertinent here, BACON. That’s right they pass out a big plate of delicious bacon to the audience. Does it get better than that? Every show is better with Bacon.”

Audience Reactions:

"Bravo to The Ukuladies!! We had such fun at your show -- we would have stayed for a THIRD set had you prepared one!! Great harmonies, funny lines, creative arrangements -- it was just so much FUN! Thank you!!"

"Ukuladies rule!!"

"You guys were freakin’ hilarious!"

"The act is brilliant. Brilliant! I found only two flaws in the entire evening: 1)…We couldn't stay for the second set, and 2)…I'm not one of the cousins."

"We’re still talking about you today. What a great, great time. We can’t wait to see it again!"

"That was some of the most fun I’ve had at a concert in a while. You dudettes are awesome!"

“That was the best 15 bucks I’ve ever spent on entertainment!”


    Katie Down

    (aka Genevieve)

    tenor uke, bari uke, banjo uke, voice, toy piano, flute, glockenspiel, penny whistle

    Philippa Thompson

    (aka Jimmy Lu)

    soprano and bari ukes, voice, fiddle, musical saw

    Heather Warfel

    (aka Cousin Bunnie)

    tap dancing, concertina, washboard, melodica, bubbles, and general antics

    Mary Myers

    (aka Aunt Mary Louise)

    soprano uke, bari uke, voice, trombone kazoo, toys, Shakespearean insults