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Please let us know if you have photos we can link to - most of these photos are by Nigel Vick who is happy to supply eletronic versions to anyone who contacts him Photos going back to 2008 are at

Swansea Spartan 2015

BSDRA Championships 2014               BSDRA Thames Valley Champs 2014

Inter Services Team Racing 2014       Welsh Dragon 2013 

BUSA Playoffs Bartley 2013

Oxford Magnum 2013                           Angel of the North 2013 

NSSA Team Racing 2013                     RYA/BUSA Ladies Team Racing 2013

Wessex Winter Warmer 2013              BUSA Western Qualifier 2013

Bristol Brew 2012                                  Oxford Magnum 2012

Wessex Winter Warmer 2012              BUSA Qualifier at Spinnaker 2012

Warwick Turtle 28/29 Jan 12                Bristol Brew - Dec 2011

Welsh Dragon Nov 26/27, 2011            Bristol Brew 3/4th December

Welsh Dragon Cardiff Bay November 2011

Oxford Magnum 2011 at Farmoor Reservoir

Inter-Services Team Racing 2011 at Farmoor Reservoir

BSDRA Thames Valley Champs, Bray Lake June 11th 2011

BSDRA Midlands at Farmoor, Oxford May 7th 2011

BUSA Finals 2011 at Spinnaker 6-8 April 2011

Exeter Excalibur 2011 Roadford 12/13 March

BUSA Playoffs 2011 Birmingham March 5/6

Top Gun at Oxford - Feb 26/27, 2011

Wessex Winter Warmer at Spinnaker                BUSA Western Qualifier 2011 @ Roadford

Lufbro Lemming 2010                                          Welsh Dragon 2010

Brummy Bender Photos - click here                 
BUSA 2010 and other photos
are at