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The One Day Weekend

posted Mar 11, 2019, 6:00 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing   [ updated Mar 11, 2019, 3:38 PM ]
After a balmy February March is proving a little windier, whilst most events managed to sail on the Saturday both the Match Racing and Excalibur decided that it would be silly to go on the water on Sunday.

Mind you Exeter Excalibur found it a bit challenging when they first went on the water at Roadford Lake. Much capsizing and a snapped mast meant everyone was brought ashore for about an hour, until the wind abated and we were able to get out and start racing. Despite the late start over 80 races were sailed, even if it was getting pretty light at the end for the cut-downs.

This meant that when Sunday dawned and it was obvious that the forecast had been accurate and we would not be going afloat there was a result with Cardiff Black the winners, Plymouth Red Second and Newcastle Blue third.
To see Photos by Nigel  Click Here  Full results are on KSail

The Lancaster Bomber at Bolton Sailing Club had heavy winds which meant that they were unable to get any team racing in over the weekend. On the Saturday a couple of boats who were keen to sail braved the storm, and they managed to complete a total of five fleet races around an Olympic triangle course. Apart from the snow, It was looking hopeful on the Sunday morning with lighter winds. Once a course was laid and teams got on the water the wind filled in with gusts of 45+ knots, so racing had to be abandoned. Some did stay out to have a little sail in the 420s (or a swim in Joshua speakman’s case), which made for some entertaining viewing.

The socials certainly made up for the lack of sailing. Since some races were completed, and some some results were recorded prizes were awarded. Congratulations to York University Sailing and Windsurfing Club for coming first, and Lancaster Old Bouys for second place. And well done to Kent for winning the social. See the full report on Facebook

I am told that the RYA Womens Match Racing Weekend at Weymouth had an interesting time on the Saturday. Well done to Molly Speirs and team for coming 3rd with 4/5 wins. And congratulations to Weymouth for getting mentioned on National TV for the wind gusting to 70kts