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Don't Grouse

posted Oct 28, 2019, 2:45 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
With over 150 races sailed the Glasgow Grouse was the most successful team racing event this weekend. Saturday was a full day of HLS racing for 24 teams followed by knock out quarters, semis and a sudden death final as daylight dissapeared. The weather was perfect with cutdowns used for Sundays completion of the league stage.

Semis saw Distinctly Average beat Edinburgh Blue and Edinburgh Import defeat StrathclydePink. Vanishing daylight meant only one race was possible in the final and it was the Distinctly Average Team of Neil Fergusson, Ewan Croft, Emily Smith, Fiona Harrington, James Morson, Andy McKeown and Freya MacDonald (they rotated) which beat Edinburgh Import. A single race Peti saw Edinburh Blue finish in third place with Strathclyde Pink fourth.

Photo is of Distinctly Average Team other photos by Nigel can be seen if you Click Here 

Meanwhile, Steve and David report that the 21 teams at the Haloween Howler at West Riding SC managed 44 races on Saturday in light wind and rain with the wind vanishing around 3.30pm. Sunday was better and a further 60 races were sailed with Newcastle emerging the winners from Loughtborough.

My spy at the Reading Wet Dream reported strong winds at Burghfield SC with the start postponed an hour before racing commenced. Sunday had the opposite problem and I am told that only five races were sailed and racing was abandoned relatively early. If weget an official report this may be amended.