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posted Sep 25, 2019, 4:05 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing   [ updated Oct 5, 2019, 12:38 PM ]
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Going into the final match of the BUSA-ICSA tour, the two teams were tied 2:2 on wins.

The first event saw BUSA travel to Boston Sailing Centre, competing in a 2 boat team race in Solings against Tufts University. Their head coach Ken Legler ran the racing series. As a first experience of sailing this class for many of the team and the first chance to test out new partnerships it was a learning curve but a great overall experience, ending in a 3-0 win. Robbie King in particular enjoyed the opportunity to helm, following in his dad Marshalls footsteps, an Olympian in the class. 

The second trophy match consisted of 3v3 racing at Yale in 420s. As Yale won the ICSA Finals this year, this was expected to be another challenging match. The team were 3-1 up when racing was abandoned due to lack of wind so the final result was taken. The BUSA team thanked their Yale hosts by making them dinner and at this stage had a 2:0 lead.

Third an fourth events were at the US Naval Academy where ICSA had defeated the visiting British sailors. First in the Lord King Match Racing, where they went 2:1 Click for a  Full Report. Then they went  3-1, in the Laser 3v3 team race for the 2019 Performance Sailcraft Trophy. For a full report Click Here

In the final event they faced an all star ICSA Team in a 3v3 match in Flying Juniors last Thursday Sept 19th. Unfortunately, this went to ICSA. The report once referenced was from 2011 but the gist was the same. Thanks to Matt Whitfield we can confirm a loss 5:0 in the final race. Matt writes "We struggled for speed, as all matches were in sub 5 knots, so with the college sailing rule of having no rule 42 their tacks and gybes were so much slicker which meant we had no chance in some of the matches."

The overall result the Americans took the series with three events won to the Brits two wins.