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Bill Brockbank

posted May 2, 2018, 2:08 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing   [ updated May 4, 2018, 12:09 PM ]
It is with great sadness that we heard that Bill Brockbank had passed away on Sunday April 29th at the age of 75.

Bill was brought up next to the sea at West Kirby and sailed from the age of 11. In 1964 he teamed up with Frank Dye, and sailing his Wayfarer 'Wanderer' from Scotland to the Faroes, then onward to Norway. As he says "180 miles from land the sea 'got a bit lumpy'. Gale force 9 lumpy, with 35 foot waves and cross seas swamping and capsizing the 16 foot dinghy. We broke the mast, lost some of our tools and much of our food, and suffered sundry other distractions". The boat is now in the Falmouth National Maritime Museum. It, and some of the film made at the time (largely of Bill being seasick, as he recalled), featured in their 2006/7 'Endurance and Survival' exhibition. Click Here to see the video.

Despite this, he went on to become a leading dinghy sailor in Fireflies and Merlins for many years. He was a USYRU Associate Judge for four years, and an RYA National Judge and Umpire. Bill always had a sense of humor about umpiring and race officering. He was also supportive of younger umpires (including myself) and a man of his generation. 

He was married 42 years to Val "a tribute to my luck and Val's tolerance" he said, he also credits her with developing his love of Opera. They have two children and two (Canadian) grandchildren.

Sailing will miss him.