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A Blustery Weekend

posted Jan 28, 2019, 2:30 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing   [ updated Jan 29, 2019, 6:38 AM ]
All three events (that I knew about) this weekend Jan 26/7 were hit by Sundays strong winds. 

The Suffolk Shiver hosted by The Royal Hospital School was sailed in the Saturday and won by Sevenoaks School. Nine teams competed with a full round robin followed by Semi's and Finals. Rugby School; RGS Guildford and Rutland Sailing Club completed the top four. For full results Click on KSail..

I hear that the Brunel Badger decided not to go out at all on the Sunday and awarded a joint prize to the leaders of the two leagues sailed on the Saturday, leaving Reading and MCS as joint winners. 

The Warwick Turtle curtailed racing relatively early, but as they had sailed 68 races on Saturday and were using HLS were able to rank the teams with Imperial White coming third, Imperial Blue second and Cambridge Blue being declared the winners. Full results are available on KSail

At the Winter Warmer at Spinnaker the 108 races sailed on Saturday gave a good basis for abandoning stage two of the competition and going directly to semi finals and finals, using a single flight of boats. 
In the first semi West Kirby Hawks beat RTYC Blue 2:0. The other semi was a more closely fought affair with The Girl Can (OCSS) needing three races to defeat Society Exodus. Despite early indications, Hawks took the first race of the final 1, 2, 3, The Girls Could and came back to even the score at 1:1 with 1, 2, 4, setting up a decider.  However, a better start by the Hawks meant that they had a 1, 2 by the first mark, a lead which they held to the finish with the final result being 1, 2, 5 and 2:1 to the Hawks team of Dom Johnson, Hollie Marston, Andy Cornah, Hamish Walker, Emma Hivey, James Rudd-Jones ( Photo)
Full results are available at KSail
Photos of the event can be seen if you Click Here 

The Umpires at The Turtle had an interesting time, as shown by this contribution from Steve Watson:-

At the recent Umpire CPD day, participants were asked to propose a “useful tip”. One such tip was an excuse to visit the sporting shop “Decathlon “, not that I need such an excuse as the north west Birmingham branch is very convenient and tragically close to IKEA.

Identifying fellow umpires on the water can be tricky, especially when event resources are limited. Keen umpires sometimes have their own RIB! I tend to take along various flags to assist in the events race management, AP, X, visible battens etc. So a clever way of having an umpire boat flag and staff appealed. The tip was that the sporting goods shop had carbon, extendable, rods up to 3m. Not expensive either. Sure enough, they were to be found in the fishing section. Three tapering tubes telescoping within the outer one. Not being a fisherman I don’t what they are actually supposed to be used for. They’re not strong enough to stab the fish and there is no hook or line! £9 for three, I would launch them on the Uni world at Draycote. Flags were hastily prepared from my old spinnakers and I was ready to impress.

Attaching them to the hoop of the Draycote Ribs (nice) they looked the part and I could see my fellow umpire team members  a long way off, distinguished from the other Ribs providing further services.

Racing commenced and it soon became obvious that my recycled spinnakers, a red one and a black/white one were in conflict with the usual umpire flags and a certain amount of confusion ensued. Doh!

I managed to break mine 4 times in the first hour, it rapidly getting shorter and eventually only useful to stir the tea.

A second umpire boat valiantly continued aided with reinforcing duck tape but there will not be a second outing for the pole.

The third one, red, survived, but will probably be remembered for the cruel umpire who inflicted so many penalties!

Whilst we all agreed that the principal was good and helped us umpire effectively, I would recommend, as an alternative, plastic pipe and maybe a wooden dowl insert. Bill Wyatt shared his own industrial strength version with us, complete with canvas carry bag. 

Carbon. Clearly over rated. I am going to replace my Merlin mast with a four inch plastic soil pipe.