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  • Catching Up
    Two weeks seem to have flown by, which could be due to the first Saturday being so miserable - another wet one, but it was made up for by this last weekend which although cold was perfect Team Racing weather - at least at Bristol.

    Light winds also made it difficult for the Angel of the North and The Welsh Dragon. The Angel had long waits on both days before getting on the water and in order to give everyone as much sailing as possible it was decided to continue with the HLS system on Sunday, rather than risk not getting enough races for leagues. West Kirby continued to lead and were clear winners at the end of the day from Edinburgh, with Hot Potato third, tie breaks were then needed to separate the next four teams. 
    Photos can be seen if you Click Here

    Wales and The Welsh Dragon also had light winds but managed 70 races on Saturday and over 30 races on Sunday after an hour of waiting for the wind. The Final was all Southampton with Soton 3 beating Soton 2.  

    The UK Tour results have been updated to include these events and overall progress can be seen if you Click Here

    For the last weekend of University events before the Christmas break there seems to have been pretty good conditions.

    At the Bristol Brew the forecast strong gusts failed to appear on Saturday and the move was made from cutdowns to full rig after about an hour of sailing. Sunday saw leagues with Semis and a final between Cindies Sailing Club a mixed Bristol/Cambs Alumni Team comprising Josh Adams, Jon Crawford, Anna Prescott, George Hopes (Sunday) Cat Wallace, Gregory Sale & Kate Ledgard (Saturday) against West Kirby, with Cindies emerging the winners 2:0. (Cindies photo left). In joint third place were Exeter Black and Blue as there was no Peti-final

    Photos of the Brew can be seen if you Click Here

    2019 Lemming Winners
    The Loughhborough Lemming did not have perfect weather! Steve Watson reports that there was no racing on the Saturday due to fog and winds on Sunday were variable around 7kts. Despite this they sailed 60 races and had semis and a sudden death final as the wind died. Southampton Red emerged as the winners beating Durham Purple while in the peti final OTRA beat Edinburgh Blue. (Winner photo right)

    The highly anticipated return of the London Six Pack started as a frosty, foggy and freezing morning, but the weather was on our side and the sun soon came out and the wind filled in to produce perfect conditions. The races ran smoothly and quickly so that we completed a full Round Robin (and every team sailed 10 races). 
    After one round of leagues, Imperial Red came out on top of silver fleet, whilst Sotolent (a mixed alumni team from Solent/ Soton/ Southampton), Imperial White and Castaways topped gold fleet.
    The finals turned out to be very exciting, and despite Imperial White getting to mark 1 in 1, 2, they lost 2 - 0 in the finals against Sotolent, who were truly a class apart from all the other teams! Congratulations to the winning team, Sotolent, to Imperial White (who came second), and of course to Castaways (who came third). 
    Thanks to Eleanor for the report

    2019 School MR winners - Cokethorpe
    At the same time the Moody Decking Schools Match Racing was taking place at Weymouth and struggling with some strong winds. They were unable to sail on Saturday but had some very useful workshops. Congratulations go to Cokethorpe School, who did not lose a race. Royal Hospital School were runners up with Lancashire Sailing Association completing the podium. Nine flights were completed in conditions which can only be described as surprisingly glamorous. Warm sunshine and a shifty F4/5 made for lots of great racing.

    Full results can be seen if you Click Here

    Posted Dec 4, 2019, 1:48 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • A Light One
    Everybody struggled to find wind this weekend.

    The Scottish BUSA Qualifier at Bardowie Loch gave up relatively early on Sunday with a total absence of wind on both days - but some very atmospheric pictures of mist and mirror like water. 

    Southampton Green - winners of Swansea Spartan 2019
    The Swansea Spartan had to wait until lunchtime for any wind on both days. Only 19 races were sailed on Saturday. Sunday was similar but the wind filled in nicely for the final stages.The first stage got to 30 races, which meant all 16 teams had sailed four races, so it was possible to identify Semi finalists. Solent Black took on Southampton Green and SLUT (Swansea Alumni) had Bournemouth in single race semi finals which put Swansea Alumni and Southampton Green into the final. In the final the Southampton team of Will Davies & Flossie Tanner, Alex Colquitt & Freya Mason, Tom Collyer and Lulu Knott beat Swansea 2:0 placing 1, 3, 4 and 1, 4, 5 in two closely fought races.
    Photos can be seen if you Click Here

    Steve Watson reports that the 21 teams at the Brummie Broom also had very light conditions, again with improvements later on Sunday. Their semis, final and peti saw the Oxford Team Racing Academy come out on top with Nottingham second and York Black third. 

    The lack of action meant that the UK Team Racing Tour updated their results Newcastle lead from Edinburgh. To see full results Click Here

    Up in London the finals of the RYA Match Racing Championships were taking place at Queen Mary SC. Also plagued with light winds and a breakdown it was not possible to sail the full round robin and the result was declared on percentage wins which saw the team of Ted Blowers, Will Birch-Tomlinson, Sophie Otter, Patrick Bray, Rebecca Coles come out on top with Robbie King Second and Christian Hamilton third.
    Full results can be seen if you Click Here
    Posted Nov 18, 2019, 5:02 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • A Wet One
    Saturday was miserable at the Oxford Magnum, while the Sheffield Shuffle had to negotiate flooding in the area, but managed, it seems that Scotland had some good weather for their Womens Championships.

    The Magnum managed some 95 races on the Saturday under the HLS system and three leagues on the Sunday for the 31 reams entered giving a total of 166 races sailed. Unfortunately, the wind began to tie for the knock-out stages. CSC beat Toyal Thames Red 2:0 while Royal Thames Blue needed three races to beat Cambridge Blue 2:1.

    With the wind dying  the Cindys SC team of Cambridge alumni, Josh Adams & Chloe Macaulay, Paris Thomas & Nina Luckmann & Tom William's & George Hopes won the first race of the finals beating Royal Thames Blue. With no wind no more races were possible so they were the Magnum winners. Cambridge Blue won the peti-final race to finish third.

    Scotland report that the University of Strathclyde did a great job of hosting the Scottish Womens Championships 🥇1st place were EdinBRA - Edinburgh University Sailing Club - EUSC, 🥈Second  Not Buoys Allowed - University of St Andrews Sailing Club and 🥉 Third Strath Sirens.
    Photos can be seen if you Click Here

    We will update this post when we hear from Sheffield.
    Posted Nov 13, 2019, 1:47 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Don't Grouse
    With over 150 races sailed the Glasgow Grouse was the most successful team racing event this weekend. Saturday was a full day of HLS racing for 24 teams followed by knock out quarters, semis and a sudden death final as daylight dissapeared. The weather was perfect with cutdowns used for Sundays completion of the league stage.

    Semis saw Distinctly Average beat Edinburgh Blue and Edinburgh Import defeat StrathclydePink. Vanishing daylight meant only one race was possible in the final and it was the Distinctly Average Team of Neil Fergusson, Ewan Croft, Emily Smith, Fiona Harrington, James Morson, Andy McKeown and Freya MacDonald (they rotated) which beat Edinburgh Import. A single race Peti saw Edinburh Blue finish in third place with Strathclyde Pink fourth.

    Photo is of Distinctly Average Team other photos by Nigel can be seen if you Click Here 

    Meanwhile, Steve and David report that the 21 teams at the Haloween Howler at West Riding SC managed 44 races on Saturday in light wind and rain with the wind vanishing around 3.30pm. Sunday was better and a further 60 races were sailed with Newcastle emerging the winners from Loughtborough.

    My spy at the Reading Wet Dream reported strong winds at Burghfield SC with the start postponed an hour before racing commenced. Sunday had the opposite problem and I am told that only five races were sailed and racing was abandoned relatively early. If weget an official report this may be amended.

    Posted Oct 28, 2019, 2:45 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Mix it Up
    The Midland Mixer was run by Loughborough University at Foremark Reservoir over the weekend of 19/20th Oct. Saturday consisted of training for teams from all over. Sunday saw racing which was won by the University of East Anglia with a teenage local team from Staunton Harold second. Thanks to Steve Watson for the report.

    We also see from Facebook that Bournemouth Uni will be hosting some South Central Training at Spinnaker SC on December 7/8 using the same formula, training on Sunday and a mini series on Sunday. Entry details can be found if you Click Here
    Posted Oct 21, 2019, 1:48 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
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