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  • A Warmer Conference
    Thanks to Keith Sammons those of us at the RYA Race Officials Conference were able to follow the Wessex Winter Warmer on KSail. We avoided doing so during Richard Thompson's presentation on changes to the Team Racing Rules and Call Book which I will link to Here - now published by the RYA. Otherwise those attending are now all familiar with the new Rule 69 and ready to deal with misconduct in an appropriate manner, as well as being familiar with friends - it was nice to see the Irish Umpires over for the event.

    It looks as if the Warmer had very good conditions with each team getting 14 races in stage 1 run under the HLS system. On Sunday they split into Gold Silver and Bronze leagues and all had a further 5 races before going to the knock-outs which saw Royal Thames Blue beat Wessex Exiles 2 - 1 and Birdham Bandits beat Wessex Exempt 2 - 0 to produce a final between Royal Thames Blue and Birdham Bandits. A final which Royal Thames Blue won  3 - 1. 

    League Results
     Posn Gold SilverBronze 
     1st Royal Thames Blue Wessex Exiles New Wessex Alumni
     2nd Birdham Bandits Exeter Blue Cardiff Black
     3rd Wessex Exempt Spinnaker Winchester College
     4th Exeter Black Sotolent Soton Alumni Red
     5th Society Bath Solent Black
     6th SMVC Swansea Green Southampton Uni
    Tie Breaks:- Gold League Tie for 1st: D4.4(b) Royal Thames Blue 19pts, Birdham Bandits 21pts, Wessex Exempt 23pts  Silver League Tie for 2nd: D4.4(a) Exeter Blue beat Spinnaker (Race 203), Tie for 4th: D4.4(a) Sotolent beat Bath (Race 213) Bronze League Tie for 2nd: D4.4(a) Cardiff Black beat Winchester College (Race 212), Tie for 4th: D4.4(a) Soton Alumni Red beat Solent Black (Race 245)
    Posted Feb 18, 2017, 1:57 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • BSDRA News
    The British Schools Dinghy Racing Association held it's AGM this Thursday Feb 9th.

    James Unwin, having done four years, stood down as Commodore and his place is taken by Andy Cornah of Sevenoaks School, Jonny Moss of Tonbridge takes over as Vice Commodore. The meeting was updated on the rules by Richard Thompson while Chris Atkins briefed them on developments in RYA Team Racing. 

    Thanks to their Treasurer Paul Robson from Claires Court we have been able to add their events to our calendar. They consist of one day events in Fireflies open to school teams. If you are interested get in touch and we can direct you to the right people. 
    Posted Feb 9, 2017, 2:54 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • A quiet Time?
    With the RYA Race Officials Conference at Wyboston there is not much activity this weekend, or next (BUSA Reserve weekend). We will try and get reports on the Wessex Winter Warmer and the Cam Cup - do let us know if anything else is happening.

    The official results of the BUSA Qualifiers are now available (Click Here)  They could still change, as a number of Subs are due and teams have until Feb 15th to pay up. Congratulations to those who have qualified for the finals and good luck to those going to Playoffs.

    We can report that the RYA National Team Racing Championship at West Kirby on March 18/19 is now full and there are three teams already on the waiting list. 

    Also, the date for the Welsh Open Team Racing Championship at Cardiff Bay Yacht Club has been announced as June 3rd. If there are sufficient entries it could be extended to two days. It is open to both Universities and Clubs (it will have a club prize) Details from Cardiff Bay Yacht Club e-mail

    Posted Feb 8, 2017, 2:51 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Qualifier Weekend
    After a week of worrying about forecast storms it was actually a lack of wind and fog which caused problems for the 96 teams entered in the five BUSA/BUCS Qualifiers held around the country. 

    The results can be seen on but will not become official until Wednesday, when teams will be officially informed who has Qualified for the Finals to be hosted by Manchester at West Kirby and who will have to attend the Playoffs at Bardowie, Scotland next month.

    The Western Qualifier at Chew Valley Lake SC, hosted by Bath had to wait about an hour on Saturday before there was sufficient wind but then managed 75 races. On Sunday things were a bit more prompt and it was looking good to complete all 136 races, which was achieved, but small breakdowns meant that this was not as prompt as we would have liked. Exeter Blue and Black are listed as first and second while Bath Black  and Bristol Red are third and fourth both on 13 wins.

    South Central at Oxford Sailing Club, hosted by Solent only managed 36 races on the Saturday but then put the pedal to the metal on Sunday and completed the rest of their 136 races on Sunday. This looks to have been very closely fought with a couple of tie breaks being used at the top. Southampton Purple came out on top, London White and Southampton Green finished 2nd and 3rd both on 13 wins, fourth and fifth on 12 wins were Oxford Black and Southampton White.

    Midland at Grafham Water hosted by Cambridge suffered not just from a lack of wind but a lack of visibility due to fog. Despite this they completed 111 races over the weekend and the leaders are Cambridge Blue, Black and Purple with Warwick Black in fourth place.

    Northerns at Pennine SC hosted by Sheffield and Hallam was second largest Qualifier with 20 teams entered. Despite the weather they managed 100 races and finished with Newcastle Blue, Manchester Purple and Leeds Green all on 9 race wins but finishing in that order. Liverpool Red and Durham Purple are shown as both on 8 wins but the tie break goes to to Liverpool who listed in fourth place.

    Scottish Qualifiers were held over a series of three weekends and made use of leagues, so the 21 teams entered were, perhaps, not under as much stress as everyone else this weekend. They only managed 49 races on Saturday due to lack of wind, but It seems that Sunday may have been the best day of racing in their entire series, just showing what strange weather we are getting. 1st were Glasgow Pink 9 wins out of 10 races, 2nd Strathclyde Blue 8 wins,& 3rd Edinburgh Blue 7 wins, 4th Glasgow Blue 3 wins

    Further details (and photos) are on the BUSA Facebook Page. Photos of the Westerns are at

    Finally, our best wishes go to Umpire John Haines, who was unable to go to the Northern Qualifiers and instead had to spend the weekend in a nice warm hospital bed. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the circuit.
    Posted Feb 6, 2017, 8:37 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • There goes January!
    It seems the middle way is best. Down south Reading had to cancel their event, as the lake was frozen solid. 

    Up North the Scots managed  Day 1 of league weekend 2 but then had no wind on Sunday. They completed league 1 and playoffs in light and shifty conditions. Glasgow Pink were winning overall closely followed Strathclyde Blue and Edinburgh Blue.

    Meanwhile, in the middle the Warwick Turtle had an excellent day of racing on Saturday and, after a couple of hours waiting for the wind managed a further 30 races on the Sunday in light conditions. The winners were a Solent Alumni (and current) Team going by the name of Sotolet, comprising Matt Reid, Kate Devereux, Jack Holden, Mia Davis, Bruno van Dyke and Libby Watkins (photo). Second were Swansea Green with London White in third place. 

    A couple of people were not aware of the changes in the rules which came into effect on January 1st. US Sailing have a presentation on the changes to 18.3 but it is believed that their consideration of the starboard rounding is flawed since 18.3 only applies at a port hand mark. There is nothing official as yet but I am sure the Umpires are going to be thinking about it. 

    Posted Feb 3, 2017, 1:08 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
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