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  • It's been very quiet
    Last Saturday was the BSDRA East Kent event, but I have no more information than that. If you know more please get in touch.

    What has been happening is that, those Universities which are organised, are getting their events into the calendar. October 27/28 looks to be quite busy with three university events scheduled already, Reading, Plymouth and Glasgow plus the NSSA Singlehanded Champs. Loughborough have the Lemming on December 1/2. 

    Don't forget to send us your details or post them on the BUSA Facebook group.
    Posted May 25, 2018, 3:48 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • BSDRA Easterns
    Held at Alton Water and featuring three boat team racing in Fireflies and two boat team racing in Fevas for the younger sailors this looks to have been a successful event, although everyone only got four races.

    Congratulations go to Rugby School who won the event, they were tied with MCS on 100% wins at the end of Stage 1 but came out ahead on points. In the Fevas RHS Pink, Oakham Black and Uppingham finished stage 1 on 100% wins with the points placing them in that order. Well done RHS Pink.
    Posted May 17, 2018, 1:52 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Wilson plus
    Last weekend saw a little event taking place at West Kirby Sailing Club, which provided an opportunity for the winners of the RYA/UKTRA Championships, which was curtailed by snow, to be presented with their trophy. 

    The photo on the left shows the West Kirby Hawks Team, winners of this prestigious trophy with club commodore John Burthem (they also won the little event for the fifth time, I understand) You can read all about that via Yachts and Yachting if you Click Here

    Best Under 21 team at the little event were Magdalen College School members of the BSDRA. They finished 29th out of the 32 teams. The photo (right) is courtesy of James Unwin.

    The Bank Holiday Monday saw the Surrey Spoon taking place, unfortunately, unlike the little event, they were not blessed with such good weather and after some fits of wind it was eventually decided that they could not achieve a result as the wind vanished completely.

    Recently completed, is the Royal Thames Cumberland Cup. This bi-ennial 2 boat team racing event between clubs from around the world is held at Queen Mary SC using J80 keelboats. Full details can be seen if you Click Here. Royal Thames appear to be leading on 15 wins followed by New York Yacht Club with 12. They met in a first to three wins Final while Yale Corinthian and Southern YC did a best of three peti-final. I see that the host club, Royal Thames Yacht Club won the final.
    Posted May 12, 2018, 1:21 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Bill Brockbank
    It is with great sadness that we heard that Bill Brockbank had passed away on Sunday April 29th at the age of 75.

    Bill was brought up next to the sea at West Kirby and sailed from the age of 11. In 1964 he teamed up with Frank Dye, and sailing his Wayfarer 'Wanderer' from Scotland to the Faroes, then onward to Norway. As he says "180 miles from land the sea 'got a bit lumpy'. Gale force 9 lumpy, with 35 foot waves and cross seas swamping and capsizing the 16 foot dinghy. We broke the mast, lost some of our tools and much of our food, and suffered sundry other distractions". The boat is now in the Falmouth National Maritime Museum. It, and some of the film made at the time (largely of Bill being seasick, as he recalled), featured in their 2006/7 'Endurance and Survival' exhibition. Click Here to see the video.

    Despite this, he went on to become a leading dinghy sailor in Fireflies and Merlins for many years. He was a USYRU Associate Judge for four years, and an RYA National Judge and Umpire. Bill always had a sense of humor about umpiring and race officering. He was also supportive of younger umpires (including myself) and a man of his generation. 

    He was married 42 years to Val "a tribute to my luck and Val's tolerance" he said, he also credits her with developing his love of Opera. They have two children and two (Canadian) grandchildren.

    Sailing will miss him. 
    Posted May 4, 2018, 12:09 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Hoad Shield
    The Hoad Shield BSDRA's South East Champs took place on Saturday at Bough Beech SC. The following report oc courtest of Clifton College:-

    The first stage of the Hoad Shield concluded with Sevenoaks' first team on top closely followed by RGS green. Next came RHS first's and then RGS red and Tonbridge, both on 9.2 points. However, the two teams met in the last race of the first stage and RGS won 126, qualifying them for the Semi-finals.

    In their first race of the Semi-finals, Sevenoaks lost 356 to RHS, but then came back in their next race. They had a 145 at the first mark with RHS putting up a fight on the downwind leg, converting to a 235 for RHS. However, Sevenoaks managed to pull ahead on the last leg, winning with a 145. In the deciding race RHS started with a 126, dropping to a 136 at the first mark, then Sevenoaks converted to 145 at mark two, dropping to a 146 at mark four, then finishing in 126, seeing them to the final.

    The RGS Semi-finals saw RGS Green win a 123,  and then a 234, against RGS Red qualifying them for the finals.

    In the Petit Finals, RGS red started with a 156, converting to a 136 by the final upwind and winning that race. In the next race they had a 156 at the first mark, but the three RHS boats managed to get through whilst the lead boat was trying to compress the fleet. RHS then won 123. In the deciding race RHS had a 124 at mark one with their last boat slowing down 5 and 6 at marks 3 and 4 but then dropping to fifth on the final beat. RHS won 125 and came third overall.

    In the finals RGS green started with  a 345, then Sevenoaks converted to 126 at mark two and held that for most of the race, dropping to 136 before the finish. In the next few race, Sevenoaks had a 124 start and then held that for the whole race, winning the competition.

    Winchester won the Feva two boat team racing with RHS in second and Sevenoaks in third.
    Posted Apr 29, 2018, 1:36 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
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