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  • UKTRA Championships
    Entries for the RYA/UKTRA Team Racing Championships for the Prince Philip Trophy, to take place at Bough Beech SC on March 12/13 are now closed.  
    26 entries had been received by 31 January.  Rather than reject two of the entries as permitted by the notice of race, the organisers have decided to amend the notice of race  to accept all 26 entries.  No further entries will be accepted.  Amendment one to the notice of race is published on this web site. Click Here to view.

    Teams entered are :-
    Birdham Bandits
    Oxford Blue
    Bough Beech
    Oxford Green
    Royal Thames Blue
    Bristol Young Old Boys (BYOB)
    Royal Thames Red
    Cambridge Black
    Rutland Raiders
    Cambridge Blue
    Sevenoaks School
    Cambridge Yellow
    Softly Softly Catchee Monkey (SSCM)
    Solent Saints
    Manchester Purple
    Southampton Black
    Manchester Yellow
    Southampton Red
    Magdalen College School (MCS)
    Tonbridge Black
    Newcastle White
    West Kirby Hawks
    West Kirby SC

    Posted Feb 3, 2016, 11:15 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Warwick Turtle
    The Warwick Turtle, sailed on Jan 30/31st had 19 entries, a couple of teams dropped out. My informant (Umpire Steve Watson) tells me that it was well organised with 41 races on the Saturday before it became too windy. Sundays racing took them up to 1.5 round robins followed by semi's and a final which was first to 2 points.

    The final order was 1st London, 2nd Southampton Blue, 3rd Swansea Green 4th Swansea ?
    Posted Jan 31, 2016, 9:28 AM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Winter Match Race 1
    If you are not interested in Match Racing you can spend your time on our YouTube Channel watching the video's that Steve Tylecote has put up. Normal service will be resumed soon with the BUSA Qualifiers.

    However, last weekend (Jan 23/24) saw the first of the RYA Winter Match Race Series, which is part of the qualification for BUSA Match Racing in April. A full programme of racing was possible with a full round robin, semi's, a final & peti final, while the lower half had  round robin to determine the lower places. 

    1st Claire Lasko
    Claire Lasko and her crew of Honor Fell, Becky Cross and Fiona Hampshire had an extremely successful weekend emerging unbeaten from the round robin and defeating Al Hinds 2:0 in the Semis. Bruno Van Dyke finished the round robin in second place and faced Tom Low in the semi's. He had a more difficult task but came through 2:1, helped by Tom catching the Committee Boat anchor line.

    In the Final Claire continued her winning form to win 2:0, although it was close. On the final run Claire had to take Bruno out to the right of the finish line in order to ensure finishing ahead. Meanwhile in the peti Tom Low was beating Al Hinds also 2:0.

    The final order was therefore:- Claire Lasko 1st, Bruno Van Dyke 2nd Tom Low 3rd, Al Hinds 4th, Oliver Grogono 5th, while Octavia Owens, Santiago Sampaio and Arthur Bruce were all tied in 6th place.

    Posted Jan 27, 2016, 3:36 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • Busy Holidays
    The elder bretheren have been busy over the holiday period!

    Martin Smethers has been checking out insurance matters and has some new guidance on insurance matters if you are borrowing boats it is important that you READTHIS. We are still working on the matter and if you have any comments we would appreciate them. Send comments/observations to

    Steve Tylecote has been busy uploading videos to our Youtube channel. There is some really good stuff there.

    It's catchy isn't it, but we can't get a dedicated URL until we have 100 subscribers - so don't forget to subscribe when you get there. That way you get informed when new stuff goes up there. And while you are at it you can subscribe to these announcements so you will know what is going on.
    Posted Jan 8, 2016, 12:14 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
  • RYA and BUSA Ladies Champs
    The RYA Ladies Team Racing Nationals combined with the BUSA Ladies Nationals to be held at Oxford Sailing Club on 20th and 21st February 2016. Hosted by Oxford University Yacht Club the entry fee is £250 per team with a £300 damage deposit.

    The Notice of  Race and the Entry Form for the event is now available Click on the one you want!
    Posted Jan 4, 2016, 2:26 PM by UK Team Racing Assn - Sailboat Team Racing
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