Siena in R

Workshop, UK Social Networks Conference, July 2, 2009

Tom A.B. Snijders

University of Oxford, University of Groningen


This workshop is about how to analyse panel data on complete social networks; ``complete’’ meaning that the collection of all network ties within one or several groups is being studied, ``panel’’ that it is observed at two or more discrete moments in time.
In addition to network dynamics, the joint interdependent dynamics of networks and individual variables (which could be attitudes, behavioral tendencies, performance, etc.) will be studied.
This workshop will use the computer program SIENA. The new version SIENA 4 will be used, which is a package for the statistical computer environment R (for the R language and environment see ). The focus will be on how to run SIENA 4 using R and the graphical user interface designed for SIENA 4.  It will be assumed that participants have a basic knowledge of the actor-based models implemented in SIENA, as explained in one of the two references below.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, with R and SIENA 4 installed. This is not strictly necessary, but will be helpful in getting as much profit as possible from the workshop. Guidance for installing R and SIENA 4 will be given at the SIENA website (see below).


SIENA website:


Introductory references:


Snijders, T.A.B., Steglich, C.E.G., and van de Bunt, G.G. (2009). Introduction to actor-based models for network dynamics. Submitted for publication. Available from


For those who wish to see more mathematical descriptions of the model (not required for this workshop):

Snijders, Tom A.B. Longitudinal Methods of Network Analysis. in the Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science (editor-in-chief Bob Meyers), in the Social Networks section (section editor John Scott), Springer Verlag, in press, 2009. Available from



The cost for this day-long workshop is:

  • Students - £50
  • Other - £100
To attend this course please indicate this on the booking form.

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