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Andriyivsky Descent 藝術老街

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  Andriyivsky  Descent  (Andriyivsky Uzviz)   
       It is one of the most beautiful streets in Kyiv.  From  the  ancient  times  it  was  the way that connected Old Kyiv (Upper city) with  Podol  (Lower  city).  Nowadays Andriivsky  descent  is  called  Kyiv Monmartr  —  there  are  a  lot  of  picture galleries  and  painters  along  the  street; musicians,  artists  come  here  almost every  day.  Here  you  can  buy  Ukrainian
souvenirs  — embroidered  clothes, painted  plates  and  dishes.  There  is  also Literature Memorial  Museum  to  Mikhail  Bulgakov,  commonly called the Bulgakov House is a museum in Kyiv, Ukraine, dedicated to a Kyiv-born Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov.
     在基輔最美麗的街道之一古時候這是連接基輔帕多方式如今這條老街被稱為基輔的蒙馬特(意旨藝術家群聚所在)- 沿街很多畫廊和畫家幾乎每天都有音樂家與藝術家來到這裡在這裡你可以買到烏克蘭紀念品 - 繡花的衣服,美麗的餐具也有米哈伊爾·布爾加科夫文學紀念館俗稱布爾加科夫烏克蘭,紀念基輔出生的俄羅斯作家米哈伊爾·布爾加科夫

Funny statues near Andriyivsky 趣味雕像

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Golden Gates 黃金城門

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     It is a historic gateway in the ancient city walls of Kyiv.  The  modern  history  states that this  gateway  was  one  of three constructed by Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev, in 1037, about when the Saint Sophia  Cathedral  was erected.
    這是一個基輔古城門 根據史書紀載這個城門智者雅羅斯拉夫王子,1037建築的三大工事之一約與聖索菲亞大教堂同時興建

Churches and monastery 古教堂與修道院

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 1.St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
      Get  in  touch  with  God’s  spirit  – churches and cathedrals St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery Step off the funicular – and you’ll see  this  great  and  majestic building!  The  exterior  of  the  structure  was  rebuilt  in  the Ukrainian  Baroque  style  in  the  18th  century  while  the  interior remained in its original Byzantine style.
 聖邁克爾圓頂修道院 : 來此感受神聖的氣氛吧! 在天主教聖邁克爾圓頂修道院裡 , 你會看到這建築偉大雄偉外部結構是在18世紀烏克蘭巴洛克風格重建而內部則保持其原有拜占庭風格
2. St. Andrew’s Church
The church was constructed in 1747–1754, to  a  design  by  the  Imperial  Russian architect  Bartolomeo  Rastrelli.  There  is  a lovely  view  on  the  Dnipro  river  from  the area  at  the  top  of  the  hill,  where  the church is standing.
聖安德魯教堂: 該教堂建於1747年至1754年,由俄羅斯帝國建築師巴托洛梅奧Rastrelli設計教堂所在的山丘可眺望美麗的第聶伯河

Kiev Funicular 觀光列車

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    It  serves  the  city  of  Kyiv, connecting  the  historic Uppertown,  and  the  lower commercial neighborhood of Podil through  the  steep  hill overseeing the Dnipro River. The travel time between  the  stations  is approximately  3  minutes.  Sit, relax  and  enjoy  the  view!  The funicular provides daily service to 10,000-15,000 passengers, and annually to 2.8 million passengers.

City squares 廣場

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1. Kontraktova square
    The  square  is  an  important economic,  cultural,  and transport  center  of  the  Podil, containing  numerous architectural  and  historical monuments.  The  square  is often used for various outdoor public  festivities,  including music concerts and fairs.
2.St. Michael's Square
    The second of the most important and the oldest squares in  Kyiv.  It  is  situated  between  St.  Michael's  Golden-Domed  Monastery and St. Sophia’s Cathedral. There is a monument to Princess Olga on  the   square.

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