Unique program 課程特色

posted Feb 27, 2012, 5:54 AM by Ted Tu
1.  In our primary school (where I teach) there is a double-
teacher system. There are two teachers (class ladies) for
each group of students. They work different shifts and
change them from time to time. 

2.  We take every child as a treasure box, which we must fill
with pearls of knowledge. We try to create an individual
approach to every child.

3.  Our school is a full-day (7:30 am – 7 pm). 
  1. 我們的小學我教地方實施雙導制度兩名教師指導同一班學生他們在不同的工作時段時時給予學生協助

2. 我們視每一個孩子為一個寶盒我們將如同珍珠的知識裝入孩童裡面。我們嘗試因材施教

3. 我們學校全日制  上午7:30 - 下午7時