School information 基本資料

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1.Name and address of class and school
Specialized school ―Lisova kazka‖ in foreign languages 
         03062, Chystiakivska 24, Kyiv, Ukraine
2.Number of students in class and school
As I told before there’s a mix of different levels – 1 st , 2 nd  and 4 th 
grades. They’ll all contribute some ideas in our project. So, in
common, there are 43 students. In the whole primary school
there are 171 students.
3.Size of school
Our school is not very big, there are couple of buildings but they
all are situated next to each other.
4.School emblem, colors or mascot
5.Type and number of computers
There’s one computer class but without access to Internet.
6.School history in brief
Our school was found in 1992. We are an educational complex –
primary school ―Lisova kazka‖ and grammar school (gymnasium)
―Apogey‖. Students begin their education at 3 in our
kindergarten. School’s specialization is in foreign languages:
English, German and French.

Lisova kazka外語專門學校
地址: 03062, Chystiakivska 24, Kyiv, Ukraine

3. 學校大小



6. 學校簡
我們學校成立於1992年我們是一個複雜的教育機構 - 包含小學和文法學校(專業外語學校:教授英語,德語和法語)及幼稚園(三歲即可入學)