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R2UK 2019 - My 1st R2UK

posted 20 Aug 2019, 10:31 by Mike Filippidis

I wanted to write about my trip to R2UK to say thank you to everyone for sorting it out and letting me come.

I saw a little track droid at Scarborough sci-fi this year and Tim said I could have a go on it but I had to go home before I had a chance. Since then it has been really exciting to build one with my Dad. Ours is green and black and called D3 5A or Andy for short. I am making one as well that is going to look like a pokeball from Pokemon and I want it to fire a pokeball from its eye.

Dad said that we were going to race the track droid at R2UK this year, so I wanted to come along and race as well. We even had to move our holiday 2 days forward, so we were home in time.

I missed the 1st day and came on day 2 & 3 which was Saturday and Sunday.

In the track droid race, I came fifth and every other track droid racer was 20/30 years older than me. I even beat Uncle Julian, but his droid broke. Apart from Andy my favourite track droid was Wrigley. I really wanted to win the trophy but it was lots of fun driving in the final and it was Sam’s birthday and the trophy was broken and glued together anyway, I might ask Dad if he can print me a 5th place trophy. We sang happy birthday to Sam. When we got home from R2UK me & Dad put a boost in Andy and a battery indicator, he goes much faster now, I did tell Dad he should have done it before the race but he says we ran out of time.


There was a treasure hunt to do as well, we had to search EVERYWHERE for pictures of people from star wars and there was a prize for the person that found the most. I met a new friend, his name is Jack, his Dad is called Wiz, we played together for most of the weekend and we teamed up and worked together to find them. We found 27, someone said there were 28 altogether. We got a sticker book and stickers from Solo each for finding them. 

I had pizza and chips for lunch and a Fanta because Mummy wasn’t there and fish and chips for tea then we talked to some people on the TV. Dad said they were in California but I’m sure that they said they were in America. They were a little bit interesting but I played a game on my phone for some of it.

I went to a talk on droids in the movies which was like a movie itself, I saw Poe jump over a mouse droid. I missed a bit because I needed a wee in the middle but Dad said I didn’t miss much. I didn’t go into the next talk as it was about making things dirty which didn’t sound as good. I let dad go in with Uncle Julio, they said I already know how to make things dirty anyway.

Everyone was really friendly and one man even let me ride on his droid, Dad looked really worried till he saw that the man said it was ok. Another man let me inside his droid.

I also got my picture taken with a biker scout, a wookiee and C3 PO. The wookiee was funny and put his hand on my dads head so it looked like he had hair.

There was a raffle and I really wanted the Sphero R2D2, Dad really wanted a Leeduino, I don’t know why, the Sphero R2D2 is REALLY cool and the Leeduino sucks. Dad bought A LOT of raffle tickets and I got the R2D2 because all the people before me picked something else. Dad got the Leeduino and some printer filament as well.

I saw D-O as well, Dad says we can make one of those too, he’s soooo cute. He says I’ve got to do more of the sanding though. I can do the sanding but I’m not very good, Dad says that’s why I should do it to get more practice

I had a really good weekend and am really looking forward to going again next year. Dad says as long as we know when the day will be before Christmas we can wait till then to book our holiday so we won’t miss it.

Report Submitted by Xander McCann, aged 8¾