General Information

The 6th UK-QFT meeting was held on Tuesday the 14th of March 2017 at King's College London, in seminar room 7.06 located in the Department of Physics on the 7th floor of the Strand building on the Strand Campus. 

This series of one-day workshops is designed to bring together members of the quantum field theory and quantum gravity communities from both in and outside the UK. Previous meetings have been held at King's College London (2012) the University of Sussex (2013), the University of Southampton (2014)Imperial College London (2015) and the University of Nottingham (2016).

If you wish to attend please email your name, title and affiliation to 

There is no registration fee.



Tommi Markkanen, postdoc, KCL 
Jean Alexandre, reader, KCL
Aaron Held, PhD student, Heidelberg
Daniel Litim, reader, Sussex
Tommi Tenkanen, postdoc, QMUL
David Rodriguez, PhD student, KCL
Kirsten Leslie, PhD student, Sussex
Peter Millington, postdoc, Nottingham
Jishnu Bhattacharyya, postdoc, Nottingham
Scott Melville, PhD student, Imperial
Oliver Gould, PhD student, Imperial
Andreas Pithis, PhD student, KCL
Edward Gillman
, PhD student, Imperial
Arttu Rajantie, professor, Imperial
Andrew Bond, PhD student, Sussex
Robert Hardwick, PhD student, Portsmouth
Carlos Tamarit, postdoc, IPPP
Jonathan Braden, postdoc, UCL