UK Post Offices by County

The site has been updated to use the 'new' Google site functions, rather than the 'classic' format which goes out of support later this year. The way Ken's newsletters on updates to the Post Office lists appear on the site has changed - see the "Notices" section. The Newsletters are stored as Jpegs with a name of "Notices yyyymmdd" and appear in date order (clicking on the arrow next to 'Name' above the list changes the order so the latest files are at the top). Newletters from previous years are stored in the appropriate year folder.

Click on the links below to view Ken Smith's UK Post Office lists by County. See here for an overview of the terms used.

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The lists are stored as PDF files, so you need Adobe Reader installed to view them. If you have problems viewing the PDF files in your browser, or if you want to consult a list frequently, then right click on the county list and select "Save Target as ..." or "Save Link as ..." to save the file on your computer hard drive. The file can then be opened from your hard drive, for example via Windows Explorer or via a shortcut on your Desktop.

Internet Explorer can give problems viewing PDF files if you are running a 64-bit computer, as the Adobe reader is only 32-bit (symptom is that you just get a blank screen when trying to view a link). This is because Internet Explorer refuses to use the 32-bit reader unless the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox in the Tools-Internet Options-Security tab is deselected. If you deselect this checkbox it will warn that this puts your computer at risk - if this concerns you then either download the files to your hard drive and view them from there (see above) or use a different browser (Firefox and Chrome work OK).