• The UK Nuclear Physics Graduate School was first operated in "pilot" delivery mode in 2013-2014, and in 2014-2015 is in its second year of operation.

  • The School portfolio presently consists of seven PhD-level modules offered by different institutions. The modules are offered on a voluntary basis by different members of the UK Nuclear Physics community.

  • The School is primarily for first- and second-year PhD students but students at other levels (or PDRAs etc) are also free to take the courses.

  • Students can choose the modules which are of interest. It would be a good idea for students to discuss their choice of modules with PhD supervisors.

  • There will be no formal assessment as yet. Individual lecturers will, however, issue assignments and problem sheets as a natural part of the teaching and learning process.

  • The modules will be taught by a variety of different methods: distance¬† learning, blended learning, video conferencing, face-to-face lectures, laboratory work etc. The method of delivery will depend on the module.

  • To register for modules, please use the Registration form available on these web pages.

  • We are presently experimenting with different Virtual Learning Environments for the modules. Presently, as a "makeshift VLE", each module has a page on this website. To access the pages, click on "Modules" on the left-hand menu bar and then click on the appropriate web pages.

  • In order to improve the School in future years of delivery, it would be useful to receive feedback on all aspects of the School, from lecturers as well as students. There is a link on the left-hand menu bar which takes you to a page where you can provide feedback.