Institutional contacts
The institutional contacts are as follows.

University of Birmingham: Dr Carl Wheldon

University of Brighton: Professor Alison Bruce

University of Edinburgh: Dr Marialuisa Aliotta

University of Glasgow: Professor David Ireland

University of Liverpool: Professor Rodi Herzberg

University of Manchester: Professor Jonathan Billowes

University of Surrey: Professor Wilton Catford

University of the West of Scotland: Dr John F. Smith

University of York: Professor David Jenkins
If you have questions about specific modules or lectures, please contact the relevant lecturer.

The Directors of the UK Nuclear Physics Graduate School pilot are Professor Jonathan Billowes (University of Manchester) and Dr John F. Smith (University of the West of Scotland). Contact details are as follows.
  • Professor Jonathan Billowes
    Nuclear Physics Group
    University of Manchester
    Telephone: 0161 275 4104

  • Dr John F. Smith
    Nuclear Physics Group
    University of the West of Scotland
    Telephone: 0141 848 3652
If you have questions, or problems with this website, contact John F. Smith.

For any other questions, about the general organization of the school, then please contact either of the Directors.