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Save Our Soles Egg Beater Sole Protection Plates

 These are a pair of aluminium plates that are fitted between the cleat and your cycling shoe to help prevent wearing out of the sole (important for my new M225s shes which have a graphite sole plate). The plates are machined from 1045 series aluminium and anodised black.

First impressions.

 On first pulling these things out the packaging (and having owned some sole savers, which have had their design bought by CB) they are light (made of alu) with a nice black covering BUT some very rough edges, the holes appear to have been alternatively punched out so on each side, one is smooth and one is rough. Not a worry for most unless you have carbon plates like i do and you don't REALLY want the lacquer broken.

 Review to follow.

Wyre Forest Weekend

 Saturday round the Wyre. My bro, bonesetter, Stuart and myself. Was a good ride even if Stuart came off the bike a few times. I also had to ditch (going DH to fast and was going to land in the river some 5-7m below over an edge) and fell off laughing at Stuart being a girl. 

I had a fight with a log on the way down and lucky i came off the winner, else that would have been the 4th mech in 5 weeks... aggghhhhh..

photos from the weekend on the new F31fd.

Click here too see a couple more photos of the weekend. Tested the M225s shoes out. Very pleased so far.

 New shoes!

Ok so i have some new shoes to test out.

Shimano MP66.


and some Shimano M225s. 

First impressions.

The MP66 nice shoe, grippy sole, excellent ankle protection, wide tow box. There IS an issue if you run CB peddles you WILL need the premium cleats to allow you to edject safely from CB peddles wearing MP66 shoes. 

The M225s are a lovely shoe, the DO look very "gary glitter" according to all my riding buddies but they feel sooooooooo good i can just easily laugh off all there "disco dancing shoe" jibes as i smugly turn the peddles with the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn with no flex and excellent power transfir.

Review to follow.

Fuji F31fd

 Got my new fuji F31fd, My Casio Z40 has done me good for the past few years but time for an update. As my understanding of photography has got better so have my requirements for my "biking" point and shoot camera have increase. click here to see all shots taken with the new fuji.

First impressions.

 Initially i like it a lot, the only issue is it appears to hunt a bit to much in macro mode and seams to need macro mode a little to much when taking close up shots. 

Review to follow.

Fly me to the moon let me play amongst the stars

let me find true love i hope it's not on Jupiter or Mars!