How to format a song

If you want to find the chords to a song you like, the best resources are and

Style guide for the Ukulele Wednesdays songbook

Here is a sample of how we want the songs to look. You can also work from a ready-made document, here.

The nine golden rules are:

  • Verdana font as big as possible while fitting the song onto one page
  • Title: Song – Artist, bold, centred, size 14. Spacing 0 points above, 6 points below.
  • Chords in bold with round brackets, between words or in the middle of words where appropriate, like this: 
Maybe to(Dm)morrow I’ll (Bb)want to settle (F)down
  • Labels such as [intro] or [chorus] in bold with square brackets (but generally avoid unnecessary labels like [verse] or [bridge])
  • It is best to write out repeated lines again rather than put them in boxes, but if you’re having trouble fitting everything on one page then consider putting the chorus into a 1x1 table cell, like this:
Maybe to(Dm)morrow I’ll (Bb)want to settle (F)down…
  • All in black – no colours
  • Put chord diagrams at the bottom. These pictures should ideally be in the .GIF format. You can find some on the chord diagrams page, or on
  • Don’t worry about punctuation, unless it shows you where to pause
  • Songs should be in Word documents (or similar) as opposed to PDFs. (The documents will be compiled into one big PDF later.)

Sorry if this all seems fussy. We settled upon this style because we reckon it’ll be the most readable in pub lighting, and the most compatible with different types of file format. If you’d like to know more about the choices then Lorraine will be happy to explain. Happy editing. 

    Lorraine Bow,
    17 Aug 2016, 04:34