Welcome to the website for Economics 602, the first semester macro PhD class. The textbook will be David Romer, Advanced Macroeconomics, 4th or 5th edition. The syllabus is posted on the "syllabus" page, and I'll bring copies to class on the first day.

Remaining schedule:
Tuesday, December 4 - your referee report presentations in class, and deadline to email referee report to me
Thursday, December 6 - review for Exam #2 in class
Tuesday, December 11, 10:30 - 12:30 Exam #2

Key dates
Exam #1 Thursday, October 11, in class 
Exam #2 Tuesday, December 11, 10.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. (as scheduled by the registrar)

Let me know if you have any questions: jminier at uky dot edu
Most course information will be on this website, although we'll also use canvas for grades and copyright-restricted documents, if necessary.

I'll see you soon!