There is a 1000 start and 1730 finish on each day. 

We anticipate allowing plenty of time for discussion throughout the meeting.

The agenda is currently preliminary, if you would like to present then pleaase indicate on the registration form

Structure of the Two Days 

Each day will be structured in the same way. In the morning the objectives and aims of the strategy document will be be discussed and/or reviewed. This will be followed by scheduled presentations, then an extended period for writing during lunch and coffee. The afternoon will conclude with further short presentations. 

Document preperation will be done in a collaborative way through an online document editor. Each Section will be lead by a member of the SOC, who will deligate subsections to interested participants. 

Link to Dropbox of Talk Slides:

Link to document:

Key: DiscussionCoffee

Day 1: 

1000-1030 : Document introduction and Section discussion

1030-1110 : Document introduction and Section discussion

1110-1140 : State of Cosmology in 2020 (Nichol)

1140-1200 : The State of UK funding (Womersley)

1200-1230 : Coffee

1230-1330 : Lunch - available in the area (not provided)

1330-1500 : Discussion and section assignment  

    Lecture theatre=Resources (Taylor), Council Room=Science (Kitching)

1500-1530 : Coffee

1530-1550 : Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics (McEwen)

1550-1620 : Synergies from the dynamic sky (Hook)

1620-1700 : Synergies on the static sky (Tojeiro)

1700-1715 : Dark energy synergies afforded by radio plus optical observations (Bacon)

1715-1730 : Cross-correlation techniques for weak lensing (Brown)

Day 2: 

1000-1040 : Document introduction and Section discussion (recap Kitching, Taylor) 

1040-1110 : Big Simulations (Baugh)

1110-1140 : Dark Energy Theory (Baker)

1140-1215 : Big Theory (Copeland)

1215-1245 : Coffee

1245-1345 : Lunch 

1345 – 1500 : Discussion and section assignment

    Lecture Theatre=Outreach, Training, Careers (Massey); Council Room=Methodological Synergies (McEwen)

1500-1535 : Coffee

1535-1605 : PP Perspective (Clarke) 

1605-1645 : Beyond the Scientists (Masters)

1645-1700 : Bayesian Hierarchical Models for cosmology (Heavens)

1700-1715 : Dark Energy constraints from redshift space distortions and galaxy dynamics (Loveday)

1715-1730 : More than Dark Energy beyond 2020 (Lahav)

Wrap Up and Next Steps (Kitching)