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Health Priorities

Our current health priorities are:
DNA testing for Lafora Disease is available from the Wirehaired Dachshund Club.
DNA testing for cord1 PRA is available from the Animal Health Trust.
We have a research programme underway for Back Disease; but no UK test is currently available.

If you use the Search box at the top of this page to look for "Lafora", "IVDD" or "cord1" you will find links to all our other information on these conditions.  Visit our News page for all our announcements.

Submit a Health Report for your Dachshund

We are collecting data from UK Dachshund owners on the health of their dogs.  If your dog is ill, or dies, please let us know why.  All information is treated in strict confidence.  Visit our Health Reporting page.

You can find details of our Dachs-Life 2015 Breed Survey here.