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Dachshund whelping and fertility

posted 5 Apr 2013, 11:44 by Ian Seath   [ updated 9 Apr 2013, 12:18 ]

Simon Parsons' “In the Dog House” (Dog World: April 5th 2013) discusses the whelping rates and fertility of a number of breeds, including Dachshunds.  His data are taken from Biology of Reproduction and Modern Reproductive Technology in the Dog by Catharina Linde Forsberg and Karine Renaud and The Genetics of the Dog by Ostrander and Ruvinsky.

Among the figures quoted are:

  • 91% of Dachshunds mated (in a 12 year period) whelped and this is among the highest fertility quoted.

  • 13.3% of Dachshund bitches needed veterinary assistance during whelping (compared with 9.1% in Golden Retrievers – lowest – and 87.5% in Pekingese – highest).  In our Dachs-Life 2012 survey it was reported that 6.5% of bitches that had been bred from suffered from Dystocia (difficulty whelping).  The Dystocia rate was 4.6% in miniatures and 10.8% in Standards.

  • 13.3% of Dachshund bitches required a caesarian section (compared with Swedish Lapphunds 1.6% and Bulldogs 43%).

In a study of 10,810 litters (224 breeds), the size of the breed and the age of the bitch were the main factors determining litter size by natural matings. Litter size is smaller in bitches aged 1-2, increases up to the age of 3-4 and decreases sharply after 5-6 years.