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H&W Sub-committee


Chairman & KC Breed Health Coordinator: Roger Sainsbury BVM&S, MRCVS (West of England Dachshund Association) [Cornwall]
Helen Geeson (Breed Council Judges Sub-committee) [Cheshire]
Dawn Norton (Miniature Dachshund Club) [Shropshire]
Nora Price (Lafora Sub-committee) [Staffordshire]
Ian Seath (Breed Council Chairman) [Buckinghamshire]
Judy Squires (Miniature Dachshund Club) [Cambridgeshire]

The H&W Sub-committee has a team of "Pet Advisers" to work with them to provide a pet owner's perspective on health matters. They are Gill Key [Avon], Aimée Thomas [Devon] and Charlotte Baldwin [S. Wales]. Further support is provided by Emma Newman [Surrey] and Helga Klausgraber [Australia].

Other people may be seconded, as required, to provide support on particular H&W matters. 
Please contact any of these people for current health advice on Dachshunds.  Always consult your veterinary surgeon for diagnosis and treatment.

We work in partnership with pet owners' groups including:

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  • To develop policy on health and welfare of Dachshunds, including the prevention of ill-health, the promotion of fit and healthy lifestyles and the reduction of health problems; and make recommendations as necessary, to the Breed Council.

 Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • To keep track of emerging information in relation to H&W issues relating to Dachshunds and circulate this information to Breed Council members in a timely manner

  • To liaise with Breed Council Officers, Sub-committees and Club delegates in order to develop H&W policy

  • To define H&W issues which should be addressed by the Breed Council

  • To recommend to the Breed Council those H&W issues which should be pursued as a matter of urgency

  • To investigate and, if necessary, initiate research into current and potential Dachshund health and welfare issues

  • To develop recommendations for all Dachshund owners (breeders, exhibitors and pet owners) to follow to ensure their dogs can lead fit and healthy lifestyles

  • Produce press releases, with the Press Officer, of any Breed Council H&W information (as relevant)

  • To provide advice to member Clubs on H&W matters

  • To ensure articles and information published on H&W matters reflect a fair, honest and positive representation of the work being done by the Breed Council

Contact the Dachshund Breed Council:

Chairman: Ian Seath  Follow Ian Seath on Twitter
Secretary: Wendy Starkey