Judges and judging

The Breed Council's Health and Welfare Sub-committee has produced a Guide for Dachshund Judges on their responsibilities in relation to health and welfare.  You may also be interested in reading "why Dachshunds are the shape they are".

The Dachshund Breed Council and the Kennel Club are committed to ensuring that there are no health and welfare issues in relation to the exhibition of Dachshunds. We would like to remind judges, therefore, of their responsibilities in relation to the health and welfare of the dogs that they judge. Judges will have the full support of the Dachshund Breed Council and Kennel Club if they feel they need to act, during a judging appointment, to protect the health and welfare of any Dachshund.  You can download the Breed Council's Dach-Facts information sheet on the weighing of Miniature Dachshunds here.  

The Kennel Club has written to all judges who are approved to award Challenge Certificates to provide them with an update on new initiatives and various rules and regulations in relation to canine health and welfare.

The note covers:
  • Breed Standards
  • Code of Best Practice for Judges
  • Breed Watch
  • Show Regulations

You can download a copy of the note here.

The KC Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Shows can be downloaded here.

Note: Many of these rules apply to ALL judges, not just those awarding CCs.

The Swedish Kennel Club has a document with advice for Judges: Breed Specific Instructions.  Although there are no particular requirements in relation to Dachshunds, the general introduction is worth reading as it discusses the responsibilities of judges and the requirements for all dogs.  It also says: The chondrodystrophic breeds which are represented in all the FCI groups except 7, 8 and 10 have type characteristics comprising serious risks of disturbing movement and ground clearance of body if exaggerated.  Requirements for all dogs
Breathing: All dogs should be able to breathe without difficulty, also when moving.
Eyes: All dogs should have clear eyes without any signs of discomfort.
Skin: All dogs should have healthy skin without signs of irritation.
Teeth: All dogs should have healthy teeth and a bite according to the breed standard. Incorrectly placed teeth that injure the upper gums or palate is a disqualifying fault.
Condition: No dogs should be overweight.
Coat: The coat should not be so extensive as to create discomfort or impede movement.
Movement: All dogs should be able to move naturally without visible effort or discomfort.
Temperament: All dogs should have good temperament suitable for life in present society. Breed specific behaviour must be noted and allowed, but excessive shyness or sharpness of temperament is never acceptable. N.B. aggressive dogs and dogs showing signs of panic and/or fear should always be awarded “Disqualified” (no prize).