The Dachshund Breed Council's Code of Ethics covers the standards that we expect all our Breed Club members to adopt when breeding, selling and looking after their Dachshunds.
There are many websites devoted to the welfare and care of dogs, but we want to highlight the particular responsibilities owners have under the UK's Animal Welfare Act 2006.  This Act has introduced legislation for pet owners, giving them a legal duty of care to meet the five welfare needs of their pets.  The law applies to those who are responsible for animals, such as those that breed animals or keep working animals.  This means dog owners are now legally obliged to care for their dog properly by providing the following five basic needs:
  • somewhere suitable to live
  • a proper diet, including fresh water
  • the ability to express normal behaviour
  • for any need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals
  • protection from, and treatment of, illness and injury
Our advice on buying a Dachshund is here and on owning a Dachshund is here.

The pages at the links below provide further specific welfare information...

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Another good place to find information on caring for your dog is the Kennel Club's website.