Back Disease: Video & DVD
Visit our IVDD website for all the latest news and advice on IVDD, including our UK Screening Programme.

Download our Back Disease (IVDD) information leaflet. Will my Dachshund recover? - read this.  The right amount of exercise and correct body condition (not allowing your Dachshund to become overweight) are important factors in reducing the risk of back problems. Read more about Lifestyle factors and IVDD. The initial results of our DNA research project are reported here. A summary of the RVC's 2013 research is here. The 2016 RVC paper with further analysis of DachsLife 2015 is available here.

Watch the 2013 Risky Discs webinar presented by Prof. Simon Platt.  Watch a video of Bill Oxley's presentation to the 2009 Breed Conference...

Bill Oxley's present

Bill's slide presentation is here.

For a list of UK specialists who can help with Dachshund back problems, look here.

You can download more information leaflets from our Dachshund Health Information library.

The Dachshund Breed Council has kindly been given permission to make the DodgersList DVD all about Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) available in the UK.  A donation of £1 will be made to DodgersList from every sale.  You can download an Order Form from the "Attachments" link at the bottom of this post.  Price is £4.50 including post and packing.
Contents include:
  • Care and tips for healing and living with disc disease
  • Treatments
  • Recovery suite
  • Expressing bladder and bowels
  • Living with IVDD
This DVD was filmed and produced in the USA but its content is relevant to all Dachshund owners.  

Ian Seath,
4 May 2011, 11:44