Application Checklist: PhD Program

CTS Scholar’s Application: Checklist

PhD Program

1. Preparation of narrative responses to the following questions:

  • Please compare and contrast Clinical and Translational Science with Basic Science.

  • How do your research interests align with Clinical and Translational Science?

  • Why are you pursuing graduate study in Clinical and Translational Science?

  • What are your professional goals and how will education in Clinical and Translational Science help you to reach those goals?

  • Please provide a timeline for completing the requirements for the CTS program to which you are applying. Click here to see requirements for the CTS PhD.

  • In 250-500 words, provide a research question in which you are interested and then describe the Clinical and Translational Science methods you would use to answer that research question.

2. Identification of  (1) a primary research mentor and (2) a mentor with a primary appointment in the Department of Behavioral Science (see here for a list of faculty)

3. Identification of a proposed graduate committee chair

4. Completion of the CTS Scholars Application online

5. Uploading of Current CV

6. Uploading of Transcripts (current or most recent institution; undergraduate institution is recommended)

7. Receipt of Two Letters of Support with Rating Forms

  • If you are in a residency or fellowship program, a letter from the residency/fellowship director is required.

  • If you are a faculty member, a letter from your division or department chair is required.

  • In addition, a letter from your primary research mentor (e.g., dissertation committee chair) is required.

Please note: In addition to completing the CTS Scholar’s Application, you will need to submit an application to the Graduate School.

Donnie Piercey,
Feb 17, 2015, 9:53 AM