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    Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1987

                        ITV London

     6.00 TV-am presented by Kate Burley and Mike Morris

     7.00  Good Morning Britain

     9.00  Wacaday

     9.25  Thames News

     9.30  Children's ITV
               A Child`s Christmas in Wales, play based on a Dylan Thomas story, with Denholm Elliott


    10.25  ITN News Headlines

    10.30  Santa Barbara

    11.00 The Vladimir Experience, John Taylor reports on the experiences of Russian gymnasts

    11.30 Tidings of Comfort, the work of the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen

    12.00 The Sullivans

    12.30  ITN News

    12.50 Thames News

     1.00  Disney at Christmas : Swiss Family Robinson, starring John Mills, Dorothy McGuire & James MacArthur

     3.20 Disney at Christmas: Symphony Hour, with Mickey and Goofy

     3.25 Thames News

     3.30 Sons and Daughters

     4.00 Disney at Christmas : Santa`s Workshop, cartoon

     4.10 FILM: Mr Horatio Nibbles, starring Lesley and Gary Smith

     5.15 Blockbusters

     5.45 News

     6.00 Thames News

    6.25 Help- Christmas Line

     6.35 Crossroads

     7.00 Sporting Triangles, presented by Nick Owen, Jimmy Greaves and Tessa Sanderson, with
           Frank Bruno, Dennis Taylor, Aiden J Harvey and Andy Gray

     7.30 Only When I Laugh

     8.00 Strike It Lucky

     8.30 TV FILM: A Masterpiece of Murder, starring Bob Hope and Don Ameche

    10.15 News

    10.30 A Duty Free Christmas

    11.30 Midnight Eucharist, from Norwich Cathedral

    12.30 FILM: Vertigo, starring James Stewart and Kim Novak

     2.50 News Headlines, followed by
              The All-Time Christmas Top Ten

     4.00 Lindisfarne Rock `n` Roll Christmas Party, from City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

     5.00 A Good Tree

     5.30 CNN Headline News        
     ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

    12.00 Lunchtime News (until 12.30)

    12.50 Calendar News (until 1.00)

     6.00 Calendar (until 6.35)

     2.50 Close

       Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1987

                    ITV Central                                                            

      6.00am TV-am


      9.25am Disney at Christmas : Pluto's Christmas Tree

      9.40       Fat Tulip's Fat Christmas

     10.00      Christmas Family Worship                                             
     11.00      Disney at Christmas,                                                     

                     Film : Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)

     11.30      Disney at Christmas, Film : Dumbo (1941) 

    12.40pm  The James Bond Film : The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) with Roger Moore

       3.00       The Queen

      3.10        Disney at Christmas, Film : Alice in Wonderland (1951)

      4.30         ITN News                                                                            

      4.35         Disney at Christmas, Film : Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

      6.45        Christmas Blind Date    
      7.30        Coronation Street

      8.00         It'll Be Alright on Christmas Night

      9.00         Inspector Morse

    11.00         ITN News

    12:15am   Film : Airplane II The Sequel (1982)

      1.50         The Roxy

      2.20         America's Top Ten

      2.50         Phil Collins - Live at Perkins Palace

      3.50         Central Jobfinder '87

        Regional Variations : Anglia, Granada, Thames/LWT, TVS, Yorkshire

      12.15am  Jay Leno and the American Dream

       1.00       Night Network

       4.00      Film : Diamonds


      1.50am   All Time Christmas Top 10

      3.00        Close

      12.15am  Jay Leno and the American Dream

       1.00      Night Network

       4.00     Film : Diamonds


     12.15am   Jay Leno and the American Dream

      1.00        Night Network

      4.00        Close

     1.50am    Barbara Dickson at the Royal Albert Hall

     2.50am    As Central

      Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1987

        ITV London

     6.00 TV-am

     7.30 Mallet in Majorca

     8.00 WAC Special


     9.25 BMX Beat, the Tizer World BMX Freestyle Championships

    10.00 The Velveteen Rabbit, animation

    10.30 The Smurfs

    11.00 FILM: Professor Poopenagle`s Steam Zeppelin: A Race to the Finish, starring Jose Maria Caffarel

    12.30 The Roxy

     1.00   ITN News

     1.05  Saint and Greavsie Boxing Day Special

     2.00 A.L.F.

     2.30 FILM: Scrooge, starring Albert Finney

     4.35 Mickey`s Birthday Party

     4.45 Results Service

     5.00 ITN News

     5.05 Christmas Robbins, impressions from Kate and Ted Robbins

     5.50 The Sleeping Beauty, ice spectacular with Robin Cousins

     6.50 Bobby Davro`s TV Annual '88, comedy and music

     7.30 Movie Première : Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray

     9.30 ITN News

     9.45 The Dame Edna Christmas Experience!

    10.50 Clive James in Japan, part two

    11.45 Babara Dickson at the Royal Albert Hall

    12.45 Fun in the Sun, surfing and jet-skiing

     1.00 Night Network

     4.00 FILM: The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies, starring Buddy Ebsen

     5.40 Christmas Cartoon

     ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

    10.30 The Roxy

    11.00 Mickey Mouse

    11.10 FILM: The Cat from Outer Space (until 1.00)

     4.55 Sports Results (until 5.00)

    11.45 Agatha Christie`s Murder with Mirrors

     1.25 Closedown

    Sunday 27th December 1987


      6.00 TV-am introduced by Suzanne Dando
    Open College how to survive the 9 to 5

      7.00 Wide Awake Club : Are You Awake Yet with Sally Dewhurst, Peter Gosling

      8.00 Jimmy Greaves' Christmas Special celebrities join Jimmy Greaves for a musical celebration of Christmas Sunday

      9.25 BMX Beat The Tizer World BMX Freestyle Championships with Andy Ruffell, Ron Stebbenne

    10.00 Film : The Johnstown Monster starring Connor Brennan, Simon Tully, Kim McDonald

    11.00 Morning Worship from St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Soho Square, London

    12.00 Chris Bonington - the Everest Years

      1.00 Disney Family Movie : Fuzzbucket

      2.00 The Royal Year

      2.45 Christmas Bullseye with Jim Bowen, Eric Bristow, Duggie Brown, Geoff Capes, Bob Carolgees, Tony Green, Denny Hodge
              Cliff Lazarenko, Rustie Lee, Jan Leeming, Steve Nallon, Jerry Thomas, Jocky Wilson

      3.30 The Bretts Grand Finale

      4.30 Cue Gary's Christmas! with Gary Wilmot

      5.15 Coronation Street (Repeat)

      6.15 ITN News

      6.20 Highway Christmas Special with Harry Secombe, Roy Castle, Max Boyce, Helen Hessey-White,
              Richard Williams Singers, Brian Johnston

      7.15 Home to Roost Family Ties with John Thaw, Reece Dinsdale

      8.15 Christmas Surprise, Surprise with Cilla Black, Bob Carolgees, Gordon Burns

      9.15 Watching   Seasoning, with Emma Wray, Paul Brown, Liza Tarbuck

      9.45 ITN News

    10.00 Spitting Image  Christmas Show Special

    10.30 The Lady's Not For Burning Christopher Fry's play starring Kenneth Brannagh, Cherie Lunghi

    12.00 Prisoner : Cell Block H

    12.55 Donahue Men Over 50

      1.50 Thriller Classic : Burnt Evidence

      3.00 Central Jobfinder '87

     Anglia (as Central except)

     12.00 Hart to Hart

       1.00 Night Network -The Carpenters

       2.00 Film : North to Alaska with John Wayne, Stewart Grainger

    3.45 Film : Cahill US Marshall

       5.40 Cartoons (until 6.00)

    (as Central except)

      12.00 Alfred Hitchcock Presents...(until 12.30am)

    (as Central except)

     12.00 America's Top Ten (until 12.30am)


     12.00 Film : Airplane II - The Sequel starring Robert Hays, Julie Haggerty


      12.00 Lord of the Tin Soldiers (until 12.30am)


      Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1987


     6.00 TV-am

     9.25 Splash- Christmas in Walt Disney World, with Lisa Maxwell and Michael Groth

     9.55 Bellamy's Journey to the Centre of the World

    10.25 News

    10.30 Walt Disney presents: Donald Duck

    10.45 Film : The Spaceman and King Arthur (1979)

    12.30 News

    12.35 The Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures, 1975 compilation

     2.15 TV Film : Kim (1984), with Peter O'Toole

     4.50 News; Sport; Weather

     5.05 Blockbusters, with Bob Holness

     5.35 The Deacon Street Deer, Disney drama about inner city kids protecting a four-legged friend

     6.30 Wish You Were Here...?, with Anneka Rice on a coach tour of America, Judith Chalmers investigating
             gliding and museums in Shropshire and John Carter on the Yugoslavian island of Korcula

     7.00 The Krypton Factor: the final, with Gordon Burns and guest Imran Khan

     7.30 Coronation Street

     8.00 Film : No Sex Please, We're British (1973), starring Ronnie Corbett

     9.45 News ; Weather

    10.00 Film : Twilight Zone- The Movie (1983)

    11.50 Boxing Year, a review by Dickie Davies, with Jim Watt

    12.50 Close
     Yorkshire (as Thames)