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    Christmas Day 2013

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    Christmas Day 2014

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    Christmas Day 2015



        Christmas Eve Saturday 24th December 1988

       8:15am  Saturday Starts Here  with Peter Simon
    Jimbo and the Jet Set

       8.20am  Corners

       8.40am  ChuckleVision

       9.00am  Going Live!  with Sarah Greene and Phillip Schofield  

     12.12pm  Weather

     12.15pm  Film : Yogi's First Christmas

       1.55pm  News

       2.00pm  Tom and Jerry  The Night Before Christmas 

       2.10pm  Film : Mary Poppins  starring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke

       4.25pm  Tiger on the Tiles presented by Desmond Morris

       4.55pm  News, Weather

       5.05pm  Bob's Christmas Full House starring Bob Monkhouse

       5.45pm  Film : Santa Claus : The Movie (1985)
    Première starring
                     Dudley Moore

    7.30pm   'Allo 'Allo

        8.00pm  Last of the Summer Wine

        9.00pm  News and Sport

        9.10pm  Film : Jagged Edge (1985)
                      starring Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close

      10.55pm  Christmas Eve with Val Doonican

      11.35pm  First Communion of Christmas from Coventry Cathedral

     12.35am   Movie Classics : Barry Norman presents a season
                      of cinema greats

                      The Searchers (1956) starring John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter

       2.30am    Weather

       2.35am    Closedown

       Christmas Day Sunday 25th December 1988


      6:55am   Now It's Christmas  with Simon Parkin, Andy Crane                  The Christmas Toy

      7:45am    The Christmas Raccoons

      8:10am    The Nativity Play

      8:20am    Playbus

      8:45am    The Pink Panther Show

      9:10am    Charlie's Christmas Project

      9:35am    Umbrella Christmas Special with Mark Chatterton,
                      Susan Leong

     10:00am   Christmas Worship from Paisley Abbey                                               

     11:00am   Christmas Morning with Noel

     12:05pm   It's a Charity Knockout from Walt Disney World Resort

       1:00pm   EastEnders

       2:00pm   Top of the Pops Christmas Show

       3:00pm   HM The Queen                                                         

       3:10pm   Film : Back to the Future (1985) Première
                      starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd

       5:05pm   Only Fools and Horses

       6:25pm   News and Weather

       6:30pm   A Christmas Celebration a Songs of Praise Special
                      hosted by Cliff Richard and Sally Magnusson

       7:15pm   Bread

       8:30pm   The Russ Abbot Christmas Show                               

       9:10pm   News and Weather

       9:20pm   Film : Silverado (1985) Première starring Kevin Kline

     11:30pm   The Gospel According to St Matthew

     11:40pm   Broadway Musicals : Carousel (1956)
                      starring Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones

       1:45am   Weather

       1:50am   Closedown    

        Boxing Day Monday 26th December 1988


        7.00am  Now It's Christmas with Simon Parkin, Andy Crane
    The Muppet Babies

       7.20am   Champion the Wonder Horse (b/w)

       7.45am   Film : Dot and the Kangaroo (1977) animation

       9.00am   Playbus

       9.25am   Bugs Bunny's Loonie Christmas Tale

       9.55am   Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party

      10.55am  Five to Eleven with Frank Thornton

      11.00am   Rolf Harris Cartoon Time

      11.25am   Film : The Black Stallion Returns (1983)
                       starring Kelly Reno, Vincent Spano

       1.05pm   News, Weather

       1.10pm   The World's Strongest Man

       2.10pm   Film : Escape to Athena (1979) starring Roger Moore,
                      Telly Savalas

       4.05pm   Disney Time introduced by David Essex

       4.50pm   Final Score

       5.05pm   News, Weather

       5.15pm   Regional News/Sport

       5.20pm   Jim'll Fix It

       6.00pm   A Question of Sport presented by David Coleman

       6.30pm   The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show

       7.20pm   CivvyStreet an EastEnders special set around
                      Christmas 1942

       8.20pm   Film : Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
                      starring Eddie Murphy

    10.05pm  The Lenny Henry Special

     10.45pm   News, Regional News ; Weather

     10.55pm   Bruce and Ronnie in the Corbett and Forsyth Show

     11.40pm    Broadway Musicals : Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
                       starring Topol

       2.35am    Weather

       2.40am    Closedown

    Holiday Tuesday 27th December 1988


        7.00am   Now It's Christmas with Simon Parkin, Andy Crane 
    The Muppet Babies

       7.25am    Champion the Wonder Horse (b/w)

       7.50am    Film : Around the World with Dot (1982) animation

       8.58am    Weather

       9.00am    Barney

       9.05am    Tales of the Mouse Hockey League

       9.30am    Why Don't You ..?

     10.00am    Popeye

     10.20am    Pinny's House

     10.30am    Playbus

     10.50am    Paddington

     10.55am    Rolf Harris Cartoon Time

     11.30am    Driving Force

     12.30pm   Cartoon

     12.40pm    News, Weather

     12.45pm    Racing from Chepstow

       2.20pm    Holiday Quiz presented by Anne Gregg 

       2.50pm    Film : The Heroes of Telemark (1965)
                       starring Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris, Michael Redgrave

       5.00pm    News, Weather

       5.10pm     Film : The Man in the Iron Mask (1977)
                        starring Richard Chamberlain

       6.50pm     The Les Dennis Christmas Laughter Show

       7.30pm     EastEnders

       8.00pm     Bergerac starring John Nettles

       9.35pm     News, Weather

       9.50pm      Film : The Eagle Has Landed (1976)
                         starring Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland

     12.00          Movie Classics Barry Norman introduces :
                        The Wicked Lady (1945)
                        starring Margaret Lockwood, James Mason

      1.40am       Weather

      1.45am        Closedown


       Christmas Eve Saturday 24th December 1988

         9.00am Pages from Ceefax

    11.15am  Carols for Christmas from St David's Hall, Cardiff

      12.15pm  Snooker Review 88

        2.05pm  Saturday Cinema : Solomon and Sheba (1959)
                      starring Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobrigida

        4.20pm   Exiles

        5.20pm   Messiah  Handel's opera

        6.20pm   Golf 88

        7.50pm   The Ragged Child performed by the National
                       Youth Music Theatre

        9.55pm    The American Film Institute Salute to Jack Lemmon

      10.55pm    Jack Lemmon in The Front Page (1974)

      12.40am    Closedown



     Christmas Day Sunday 25th December 1988


       10:00am  Film : Storm Boy (1976) 
                      starring Greg Rowe, Peter Cummins

       11:25am  Film : The Bible...In the Beginning (1966)
                       starring Richard Harris
         2:10pm   Islands of the Fire Goddess

         3:00pm   Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Concert

         8:20pm   HM The Queen

         8:30pm   Once in a Lifetime

       10:15pm   Film : The Family (1987) Première
                        (Italian film with English subtitles)

       12:20am   Film : Some Like It Hot (1959) starring Marilyn Monroe,
                        Tony Curtis

         2:20am Closedown


      Boxing Day Monday 26th December 1988


         9.00am  Pages from Ceefax

    11.00am  Film : Fort Apache (1948) starring John Wayne,
                       Henry Fonda  

        1.05pm   British Comedies : The Ladykillers (1955)
                       starring Alec Guinness

        2.35pm   A Christmas Celebration with Cliff Richard,
                       Sally Magnusson

        3.20pm   Showreel 88

        4.00pm   The Shape of the Nation a flight around the entire coast
                       of England, Scotland and Wales

        6.00pm   Bogart : The Maltese Falcon

        7.40pm   Paradise award winning animation

        7.55pm   Film : Otello (1986)
                       starring Placido Domingo, Katia Ricciarelli 
    opera in Italian with English subtitles

        9.55pm   News from Pleasantville : the Story of Reader's Digest

      10.45pm   Film : Local Hero (1983) starring Burt Lancaster,
                       Peter Reigert

      12.35am   Film : Bob Dylan in Don't Look Back (1967) (b/w)

        2.10am   Closedown



      Holiday Tuesday 27th December 1988

    9.00am Pages from Ceefax

     10.00am Film : Words and Music (1948) starring Mickey Rooney

    British Comedies : Passport to Pimlico (1949) starring
                    Margaret Rutherford

      1.20pm  Cartoon

      1.35pm  The Mind Machine

      3.05pm   Showreel 88

      3.45pm    Women of Our Century Dame Flora Robson

      4.25pm    The Phil at the Albert  The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

      5.30pm    Jack High  Woolwich Masters Bowls Tornament

      6.00pm     The Children's Hospital

      6.50pm      Bogart : The African Queen (1951)

      8.30pm      Mikhail Baryshnikov An evening at the
                        American Ballet Theatre

      9.25pm      Nursery Crimes Tom Thumb animation

      9.35pm      Jack Lemmon in Long Day's Journey into Night

    12.25am      Weather

    12.30am       Fleetwood Mac at 21

      1.25am       Closedown