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Colchester Chinese Culture Society (CCCS) is a non-profit organization formed in April 2004. The society has been established to work for the benefit of the local Chinese community in Colchester and its integration into local and regional society. CCCS will work to promote Chinese community life and to foster interaction with other community groups.

For over 15 years CCCS has developed a range of cultural, education and community engagement activities with the aim to promote Chinese culture and art amongst its members and the general public in Colchester and far beyond. For many years it ran a Chinese language school for children of Chinese heritage and other interested locals.

The society has produced and presented a wide range of arts and cultural activities nationally and internationally. These have included: Chinese New Year Celebrations; Concert of UK Chinese Music Ensemble; Japanese Erhu Orchestra; Appearances at international stage such as X-Factor. Partnerships have been developed to enable the society to access a wider range of artistic activities. These have included: The Mercury Theatre; Essex County Council Music Hub & Arts Development Team; Colchester Borough Council; Firstsite Gallery; Essex Culture Diversity Project. 

Over the years, the Society has received numerous awards and funds received from the Arts Council England; ECC Chairman’s Award; Lottery Awards for All; High Sheriff’s Award etc.


Colchester Community Chinese School

  • Mandarin Chinese lessons in 4 levels from age of 5, teaching towards GCSE level
  • FREE cultural lessons including: Chinese dance, drumming, Kung fu, calligraphy etc

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The Chinese School is run by

Colchester Chinese Culture Society

A not-for-profit organization aiming to promote Chinese culture, improve the quality of life for the Chinese community and to connect with China.

The Society also provides:

  • Chinese workshop for local schools
  • Help for businesses and educational links with China
  • Member's badminton club
  • Various training courses etc

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