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This Set Sucks...

Suckadelic Action Art Cards Series 1 by Suckpax, manufactured by Sidekick Media.

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It's not often that I get to review trading cards - mainly because I haven't been sent a set to review in ages.  Now, however, I DO get to review something, and it's a goodun!


Those of you familiar with the world of 'bootleg' action figures, or with the 'underground' art scene may well be familiar with The Sucklord; his creations are highly sought after by those in the know. Based in New York's Chinatown, The Sucklord (aka artist Morgan Phillips) has produced CD's, toys and other pieces of art and was involved with the die-cut sketch cards found in Topps "Star Wars Galaxy 4".  Now he has expanded his range with the "Suckadelic Action Art Cards Series 1", a uniquely Sucklordish set of cards.

Suckadelic box

The production is limited to 100 boxes, and each box contains 36 wax packs created by Sidekick Media - and I do mean WAX packs!  These are a real 'blast from the past' and will revive (in the older collector) memories of peeling open the packs and freeing the cards and gum within.  No gum in these packs, but what IS in there is well worth the opening.

Set composition is as follows:

43 'base' cards

1 checklist

1 Autograph card

At least 1 sketch per box

At least 1 'vintage' card 'enhanced' by Sucklord

Numerous random inserts (of which more later!)


Before I go into the content of the box I received, I should make it clear that the set features images and language of a more adult nature, so if you are easily offended by some of the more commonly used swearwords, then this set is probably not for you.  I like this stuff, however, so...


The wrappers, as mentioned before, have a nicely waxy feel to them, and peel open just like in the good old days before plastic and foil packets. 

Suckadelic Packs

The cards are VERY 'old school'; exactly the same sort of cards that you would have found in packs 30 years ago (if you don't know what those were like, think back a couple of years to the various Heritage sets Topps put out for Star Wars!)

I didn't get a complete base set from the box I opened; the set was missing 5 cards - according to reports on Scoundrel and elsewhere, some cards are more difficult to find (if anyone has spares of the following...  12, 21, 36, 38 and 43 :) )

The cards show various aspects of the Sucklord world; some have a puzzle picture on the back, most have some descriptive text and a 'Fun Fact'.  Card images inclode some of the musical projects produced by The Sucklord, pictures of the Suckloard action figures and other toys and subsets devoted to photographic projects, customised light sabers (I particularly like card #28 which shows the iSaber!) and different nationality Princess Leia's!

There is one unnumbered card, which I got, plus the autograph card, the promo card, the 'enhanced' vintage card (I got a "Welcome Back Kotter" #52 card, originally released by Topps in 1976 - the 'enhancement' is some paint spatter applied by Sucklord.  Other cards vintage cards treated this was include samples from original Star Wars sets, The A-Team, Batman & Robin and more)  and a number of the inserts.

Welcome Back Kotter 'enhanced' card

On the subject of those inserts - these consist of paint spattered base cards, base cards that have been shot by Sucklord and which feature bullet holes, base cards which have been partially burnt, and other randomly inserted cardboard items (my box contained an expired New York Metrocard with so much paint spatter it had stuck to the card in front of it in the pack!  As well as the paint spatter on the front, the card had been 'redacted' on the back)

Metrocard front and back

Burnt card - Before and After!

Paint spattered card - Before and After!

Shot cards with bullet holes...

Onto the sketches.  This box had two - one by Jason Atomic (a painted and very shiny picture of 'Necromancer')

Necromancer by Jason Atomic

and one by Len Bellinger - a 'triptych' or gatefold card of "The Sucklord 600".

The Sucklord 600 by Len Bellinger

Each sketch card is signed on the back (the Jason Atomic has a nice doodle, the Len Bellinger is numbered)

There is also a unique Golden Ticket, which entitles the finder to a super rare Suckloard action figure; I, alas, didn't pull this myself and (at time of writing) it still hasn't been found, so presumably it is still out there somewhere!


Down to the Nitty Gritty.  Boxes cost $175, though if your budget doesn't run to that you can buy 5 packs for $25  This is quite expensive, but what has to be borne in mind is that this is an extremely limited set - as I mentioned earlier, only 100 boxes of 36 packs were produced, and there are not your common-or-garden trading cards as found in comic book stores or toy shops.  This set is more a work of conceptual art, albeit one based on the trading card hobby.  The Sucklord and his team clearly understand the workings of a non-sports set - they have included autographs, sketches, random 'chase' cards, and base card subsets; there are hard-to-find base cards, which should encourage trading and there are variations and error cards (some of the card cutting isn't quite as perfect as you'd get from one of the more mainstream manufacturers, which adds considerably to the charm of this set!)

With this release, Sucklord and co have played with the generally accepted format to produce an interesting, amusing and, above all, enjoyable set of cards


If you have the money to spare, and you want to support something innovative, yet retro in it's appeal, then you should definately think about buying this set.  I for one will be looking forward to seeing what Series 2 might bring...


Suckadelic Action Art Cards Series 1 by Suckpax, manufactured by Sidekick Media.

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