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Pictures of People, Places and Things featured in the UK CardCast podcast!

Episode 14

Pictures from Memorabilia!

Here are some pictures taken at the Memorabilia show as described in Episode 14 - pictures taken by Paul Bines (unless otherwise stated)

Nik Neocleous

Rich With Cards

Two shots of Harris - the first, outside the Stage area; the second, wearing the Hat given to him by Paul 'Boldlygone' Buckton

Two examples of the card collector stereotype discussed in Episode 13... :) (Actually, David Brown and Patrick Hamill!)

UK Show correspondent Wolfie

Yours Truly on Stage

The Harris and Paul Show!

 Episode 17

Open That Box Day 2009!

Here are some pictures taken during the 'on-air' recording of a box opening!

An unopened box of "Pepsi Around The Globe" Dart Flipcards 2000

Opening the box...

A Bear named Jetsetter!

Jetsetter and the unopened packs

The packs

Opening the first pack

An empty box

The foil cards