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2016-04-27 Further to the earlier post about the Philly Show, I am pleased to announce a joint venture with Faerie Metal Photography: a Tribute to Cliff Tooker metal card, using an image from Cliff's wildlife set from a few years ago.
This card will be on sale at the show for $10, with all proceeds going to Capital Area Greenbelt.  There are 20 cards, and they will only be sold at the show (unless there are a few left over, in which case I'll make them available online)
The card for sale is the Silver one at the top of the picture - the Gold one at the bottom is an even more limited variant which will NOT Be for sale, but which will be a prize at the Card Talk breakfast and/or on the podcast.
These cards look even more stunning with the metal background...

2016-04-20 - It's been a while since UK Cardcast has had any news to report but I can confirm that Paul Bines, the producer/presenter of the show (i.e. me!), will be at the Spring 2016 Philly Non-Sport Trading Card Show in Allentown, PA on May 14-15, and will have a brand new METAL promo card available at the show!  (Thanks to Faerie Metal Photography for the card!)
UK CardCast is alto proud to be a co-sponsor (with Roxanne Toser Enterprises, Inc) of the Philly Show Card Talk Meeting on Sunday 15th - for more information, click here!

2012-10-14 - UK CardCast has been nominated for the European Podcast Awards, in the Personality section!  If you would like to vote for UK CardCast, please click on the link on the home page (or here).
Voting will be open until mid-January 2013, after which a jury panel will look at the podcasts nominated and make their decision, with the winners announced in March.
2012-07-03 - To mark the 5th anniversary of UK CardCast, in addition to Episode SP07, Harris Toser of Non-Sport Update magazine has poblished an interview with Paul Bines on the NSU blog!
2012-02-01 - Episode 43 of UK CardCast has a competition to win an Artist Return sketch card of King Kong by George Calloway! 
Full details of how to win this card can be found in Episode 43 - available now!
2011-09-26 - UK CardCast will be at the Fall Philly Show, Allentown PA this October!  For more info on the show, please go to the Philly show page!
2010-11-15 - Apologies for the extended 'hiatus' which was due to unfortunate circumstances completely out of my control (i.e. I lost my job)
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who offerred sympathy and support - it really is appreciated!
You may take the update to this page, and the new episodes on the Home page, to mean that I now have a NEW job and am therefore able to continue with the planned episodes of the podcast as well as with the new 'spin-off' series "Behind The Canvas" (BTC)
BTC is a series where each episode is devoted to a single artist, their influences, past and present work, and future projects and aspirations.  It replaces the increasingly cumbersome UKCC Annual Artist Specials and will, I hope, provide a more regular opportunity for those interested in the world of so-called 'Geek Art' to hear from those involved in producing same!
The first episode will, I hope, be online in a couple of weeks; in the meantime, I am actively seeking artists who might be willing to appear!  I'm particularly keen to hear from artists who have contributed work to trading card sets, or who have worked on Comic Books
or other illustrated books, or even in the animation industry!
2010-09-21 - As mentioned on the podcast, Episode 30 is the last of the Annual Artist Specials, where I speak to as many artists as I can fit into an episode about their life and work.  As of now, I won't be doing an annual episode devoted to artists, but will instead be running a new show, still under the UK CardCast banner, entitled "Behind The Canvas" - this will probably alternate with the regular episodes and in the same RSS feed.
This means that there will be more in-depth coverate of the Trading Card Artist on a regular-ish basis (as long as I can persuade artists to participate!).  That is not to say that artists will never be heard from/about in the regular show - the upcoming Episode 31 features a look at the recent Chicagoland show and will include interviews recorded at the show by Harris Toser.
I have tentative agreements with a number of artists already; if you are an artist and would like to appear in a future episode, please get in touch!
2010-06-06 - Free Axebone Happy Jack Promo Offer!
As mentioned in Episode 26, Happy Jack Collectibles are making one of their Artist Promo cards, created by artist Axebone, exclusively to listeners of UK CardCast! 
To get one, send a Stamped, Self-addressed envelope (or, for non-US listeners, a Self-addresed envelope and an International Reply Coupon) with a note that says "Free Axebone Card!" to the following address:
Happy Jack
PO Box 17344
San Antonio, TX 78217
Mention in the note that you heard about the offer in UK CardCast episode #26, and don't forget to say "Thank You" to Billy Shipley of Happy Jack Collectibles for making this very generous offer!
(Please Note - This offer is only available whilst stocks last - the card is extremely limited.)
2010-03-07 - Free Promo Offer!
As mentioned in Episode 24, thre are two Bela Lugosi as Dracular P1 promo cards, drwn by Robert Aragon and issued by Happy Jack Collectibles, available to listeners of the podcast!  To enter, send an email to the usual UK CardCast address ( with the subject "Bela Lugosi Promo" and with your name and postal address in the main body of the email - first two emails received will get of of the cards.
Lugosi promo card from Happy Jack!
2009-11-19 - Stop Press!  There will be a Card Talk Gathering at Memorabilia Birmingham; tentatively set for 2pm on Saturday 21st!  See Harris Toser, Paul Bines, Kate RED Bradley and Patrick Hamill talk about various aspects of Non-Sports and answer audience questions!

2009-10-22 - Winter show season hits the UK big time in November and it is looking increasingly likely that UK CardCast will be at at least two shows!  Memorabilia Birmingham lands at the NEC on 21-22 November and Collectormania London hits Earl's Court Olympia on 28-29 November; Regular contributor Harris Toser will be setting up the Non-Sport Update magazine stand at BOTH shows and I'll probably be lurking behind the table too, so if you're at either show, come and say Hello!  You'll also get the chance to meet a number of visiting artists - Kate RED Bradley is coming over from Canada for both shows, Belfast's Patrick Hamill will be at the Birmingham show and Nik Neocleous will be at the London show.

No info yet on a talk or gathering, but watch this space (or, indeed, the NSU Card Talk board, or Facebook, or Twitter!) for more news as it is announced!

2009-06-04 - Couldn't resist it any longer - UK CardCast is now on Twitter; if you would like to follow us, our Twitter ID is: @ukcardcast!

2008-12-24 - A reminder that the "Best of 2008" poll is now open and ready to receive your votes - pick the three sets released between January and December 2008 which, in your opinion, were the best of the year and email them to the usual UK CardCast address (with "Best of 2008" in the subject field).

If you want to say why you think they were the best, please feel free - I will quote some of the comments in the results show in February 2009.

The poll is open to all, subject to the following: 1 vote per person/household; manufacturers cannot vote for their own sets.

There is an incentive this year - a random selection of voters will receive a special card, featuring a sketch design exclusively created for UK Card Card by artist (and friend of the show) Patrick Hamill. 

2008-12-07 - There is now a Gallery, featuring pictures of things mentioned in the podcast; currently online is pictures from the Memorabilia show, as discussed in the imminent Episode 14!

2008-11-13 (updated) - The official website of the upcoming Memorabilia show in Birmingham has a news item stating that I will be speaking on stage about the podcast (well, actually, the news item is about the NSU Card Talk presentation, but I get mentioned as being there to talk about this podcast!) - you can read the news item here!

The talk will take place on the stage on Saturday 22nd Novemper at 1pm.

2008-10-26 - There is now a UK CardCast messageboard set up for UK CardCast listeners - you should find it in the menu on the left.  If you have any constructive comments or suggestions, please feel free to go over to the message board, sign-up for membership (it's free!) and post away!

2008-05-12 - I'm looking at adding to the regular monthly-ish episodes; the idea being to record a much shorter (5 minutes or so) mini-episode every week or so looking at the news (new releases, upcoming shows, that sort of thing) and saving the regular episode for longer interviews and features.

Any thoughts on this? If so, pleae email and let me know!