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Episode 01

Non-Sport Update Magazine The magazine for collectors of non-sport trading cards - also the home of the Card Talk message board.

Episode 02 Andy Dukes Star Wars trading card website.  

Norwich and District Star Wars Club Offering a set of collectible Star Wars cards.

Episode 03

Star Wars Cards - SWTC Gives Back 2007 charity auction in aid of MS charities.

Episode 04

"Cards on the 'net" feature - Star Trek trading cards on the net.

Missing Card Alert - If you have information on the whereabouts of this card, please email Anthony Lee of

Episode 06

Interviewees from Winter Memorabilia2007: - Jo Marriott, 501st Garrison member, and 'guest star' of Torchwood! - London Cigarette Card Company; celebrating 80 years in the hobby and the imminent launch of a new book looking at Brooke Bonds tea cards - DMC Collectible, manufacturers of the Diana Dors trading card set (Preview set out now, full set June 2008) - Paul Hart - Paul Ferry (PC Trading Cards) - UKG (British based grading company)

Episode 07

Marlin Toser 'Prognosticator extraordinaire'

Rebecca Toser's "Nothng But Nets' campaign

The Official Hip Hop Trading Cards website

Episode 09

Patrick Hamill

Kate 'Red' Bradley

Dave Fox

Dead On A Friday

Episode 14

Nik Neocleous

Rich With Cards

Paul Thomson

Episode 16

Nathan Ohlendorf (aka SadLittle!)

Comics For Cures - Sketch card charity auction

Episode 18 - Kris Kersey's Sketch Gallery website

Episode 21

Dane Ault

Ingrid Hardy - Artist

Trev Murphy

Brandon Kenney

Pamela Squires

uStream links (via

Episode 23

Sanna U

The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation

Kate 'Red' Bradley

Patrick Hamill

Rich With Cards

Creativity Store


Episode 24


Axe Cop

Episode 25
Episode 26
Catawiki - The Online Collectors Resource
Versicolor - manufacturers of the Artist Promo cards
Episode 28
Episode 30
Phrankenstein's Mascot Time Lapse - It's Alive! (Philly Phanatic project video)
Life With Death (Danielle Soloud's WebComic)
Episode 31
Help Leah - Donations to help Leah Mangue
Episode 32
Cult Stuff - Blog
- Ordering Information page)
Episode 33
Chet Phillips Art - Union of Superlative Heroes cards
Episode 35
Episode 36
Monsterwax - see 'Manufacturers Websites' above!
Kristen Bellatti: Facebook 
- Upcoming convention: 
Episode 37
Episode 38
Bob Hulsart SDCC Blog Reports 1 2 3 4 5 6
Episode 40 - Links will be added shortly!
Episode 41
Jason Johnson - See Manufacturers top right column
SM Deeming (Publisher site) -
    ME290 ( - Affiliate link!)
Unstoppable Cards - See Manufacturers top right column
Episode 44
Versicolor Productions - Bettie Page
Episode SP06
Episode 46
Episode 47
Chris Thorne - Write Brothers Software: &
Episode 48
Episode 49
Episode 50
Pop Culture Company - see Manufacturers (above Right)
Episode 52
Episode 56

Episode 58

Episode 59

Episode 63
Huy Truong  - DeviantArt 
Aly Fell -  DeviantArt - Facebook
The Kill Screen - Facebook - Mike Garley (Author)

Manufacturers Websites:


Rittenhouse Archive

Strictly Ink



Non-Sport Resources:

Non-Sport Update Magazine

Do you have, or know of, a site that might be of interest to Non-Sport Trading Card Collectors?  Please send an email with details!