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Welcome to - the home of the UK CardCast family of podcasts, recorded by Non-Sport Trading Card collectors for Non-Sport Trading Card collectors!  Every episode contains news, views and reports from all around the world of non-sport trading cards, from the latest shows and conventions, to the newest sets and promo offers - and, occasionally, some of the quirkier aspects of the hobby!
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Now celebrating 9 Years of podcasting!

Proud to co-sponsor the Philly Show Card Talk Meeting, Sunday 15th May 2016
Latest Episodes:

 Episode 65 - "Put The Bottle Down, Wolfie!Paul Bines reports on the Spring Philly Show, with interviews from some of those exhibiting at the show.

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Previous Episodes
Episode SP07 - "Back to Allentown" Harris Toser talks about the Spring 2016 Philly Non-Sport Trading Card Show and Paul Bines talks about his plans for the show (which include the brand new UK CardCast promo card pictured below!)

Episode 65 - "Straight Outta Comic-ConArtist Laura Inglis talks about the recent San Diego Comic-Con and we pay tribute to two members of the non-sport community who have passed away since the last episode.

Episode 64 - "Avoiding the obvious Beatles punHarris Toser talks about the recent and upcoming Philly Show, the upcoming NSU issue and Kickstarter

Episode 63 - "The Last Word" The Somewhat belated Show report from MCM ComicCon (formerly Memorabilia Birmingham!)

Episode 62 - "In The Year 25Paul Bines celebrates NSU's 25th Anniversary with Harris Toser, and talks about the upcoming Philly and Memorabilia shows

Episode 61 - "Cards of HousePaul Bines talks to Monsterwax's Kurt Kuersteiner.

Episode 60 - "Double DiamondPaul Bines talks to NSU's Harris Toser about the 60th Philly Non-Sport Trading Card Show

Episode 59 - "Literary Masterpieces" Paul Bines talks to Jenn de Paola and Beck Seashols

Episode 58 - "Waxing LyricalPaul Bines talks to Kyle Chapman, of Secret Audio Club, about the Fusion of Trading Cards and 7 inch Singles, Wax Packs Series 1

Episode 57 - "Backwards and ForwardsNSU's Harris Toser and Alan Biegel discuss their highlights of 2013 with Paul Bines

Harris Toser looks back on the Winter Memorabilia Show at the Birmingham NEC, UK, and Kurt Kuersteiner of Monsterwax talks about his new HP Lovecraft set

Episode 55 - "Hello to Jason Issacs"
Harris Toser talks about the upcoming issue of Non-Sport Update Magazine, WaxPacks and the Winter Memorabilia Show at the Birmingham NEC, UK.
Episode 54 - "Drinking Game"
NSU's Harris Toser talks back issue pulping, new issue contents and Fall Philly Show 
Chris Thorne and Laura Inglis report on the recent 2013 SDCC
Episode 52 - "The Plugs of St. Harris"  The return of Harris Toser, to talk all things NSU, plus Laura Inglis on the imminent Philidelphia ComicCon and news of the equally imminent Chicago Non-Sports Card Show!
Episode 51a - "A Quick Update"  A mini-episode to release some Bettie Page news and to announce the winner of the Grimm Fairy Tales sketch card competition!
Episode 51 - "Not ANOTHER Year!" The annual retrospective episode, with Harris Toser and Alan Biegel of Non-Sport Update
Magazine looking back at the card world in 2012 and forward to 2013.
Episode 50 - "Back from Birmingham"
Episode 49 - "Ten"  
Episode 48 - "Ink Magic" 
Episode 47 - "Not The Official... " (August 3rd 2012) 
Episode SP07 - Celebrating the 5th anniversary of UK CardCast with Harris Toser, Production Manager of Non-Sport Update magazine (who has also written a very nice blog entry on the NSU blog - see the News section for details)!