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The podcast by Non-Sport Trading card collectors for Non-Sport Trading card collectors

Producer/Presenter: Paul Bines

UK CardCast is the creation of Paul Bines, and is based in the UK. Paul has been involved in collecting Non-Sport Trading cards for over 15 years, and is one of the moderators and founding members of the Non-Sport Update magazine online message board, "Card Talk".  He has also produced a number of autographed trading cards (featuring leading figures from the hobby!) for various charity auctions.

Favourite series include Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who.  Favourite card is probably the Dual Autographed William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy card from the Star Trek 35th Anniversary set produced by Rittenhouse Archive.

Regular Contributors include:

Harris Toser, the Production Manager of Non-Sport Update magazine, owner of a pair of infamous ear-muffs and good-natured butt of all the jokes!

Don Norton, a regular contributor to Non-Sport Update magazine, and a long time collector of trading cards

Kris Kersey, the man behind Sketch art site


'Wolfie', a UK collector, serial show attendee and NSU Card Talk's busiest poster (with over 20,000 posts to his name!)

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The Podcast is recorded using a Sennheiser PC8 USB Headset and Pamela for Skype, (interviews conducted via Skype) edited using Audacity (both running on Windows 7) and completed in Garageband on an Apple 17" MacBook Pro.

Theme and Closing music: "Preparing To Leave" by Sapphire Moon (from the album "First Time's A Charm" and used with permission); (Thanks to eJay!)   'In Person' interviews recorded using a Pacific 512Mb WMA/MP3 player/voice recorder or (from 2008) a Creative Zen V 2Gb MP3 player with external microphone or (from 2009) an Apple iPod Touch 32Gb with Switcheasy Thumbtack microphone and Apple Voice Recorder app or (from 2016) an iPhone 5 and Voice Rcorder or an iPad Mini 4 using Ferrite and GarageBand for iPad.  Domain Name registered with 1 and 1; webspace courtesy of Google sites and podcast audio hosting courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Mechandise (tee-Shirts, Mugs and badges!) available from the UK CardCast store, courtesy of CafePress

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