Bring electricity to the people of remote NW Zambia


Both Mike and Dan have worked with communties in  Northern Zambia. While Mike's focus was on sustainable development and wildlife conservation, Dan worked on a sustainable energy scheme in the form of a mini-hydro scheme that would provide power to a hospital and rural villages (see below).  

The hydro construction of the weir and power plant is now complete and the hospital has 24-7 electricity for the first time in its 100 year history. Our target is now to raise £7,000 ($14,000) for powerlines to bring electricity to the local villages and schools - a JustGiving site is now ready!


Background to the North West Zambia Development Trust (NWZDT) and its Goals

The North West Zambia Development Trust (NWZDT) is a charity based in a corner of Zambia trapped in poverty. NWZDT believes that while many individual crises can be eased by food and medicine, real progress comes from investment in infrastructure that most in the West take for granted - clean water, electricity, sanitation, and employment. A source of sustainable electric power was judged the priority as a trigger to the others, see below. NWZDT works directly with the local population and has a connection to the historic Kalene mission hospital which celebrated 100 years of service in 2006.

The 700KW Zambezi Rapids Hydro-Electric Scheme took around 3 years to construct, almost entirely by local labour, and was opened in July 2007. It has transformed the ability of the district hospital to serve the region by supplying it 24-7 power- the hospital used to only have 1-2hours/day of unreliable and expensive diesel-generated power for surgery etc. The vision of the NWZDT has always been to connect local villages, businesses and schools also, and this is now the priority in fundraising. Approximately £1.2M was raised to build the weir and powerhouse which is generating electricity, and now around £200,000 is required to extend the electricity grid. Connecting the local people not only brings them the benefits of electricity, but a threshold of customers is required to make the hydro electric scheme a self-sustaining business.

Our Goal 

On Tuesday 13 May Dan and Mike set off east across Europe, Asia and finally North America by motorcycle raising money for this extension of the electricity grid. Beginning in Trafalgar Square in London, they plans to finish 112 days later on the east coast of Canada in Halifax after a numbing 25,000+km across 20 countries including Iran, the Stans, Siberia and Alaska. Already, £2,000 has been raised, in small part thanks to Dan sporting a tutu whilst collecting money at his KPMG office in London, and an auctıon for a box at the Royal Opera House donated by hıs gırlfrıend Tara.  

We encourage you to help hit the £7,000 ($14,000) target by donating to this ınspıratıonal project.  The Just Giving site is now up, or emaıl us on   ukcan20@gmaı for more ınfo

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