Bio - Dan

Africa Boy 

Discovered in a jungle clearing by tribesmen soon after birth, Dan was raised in the wilds on adventures including motorcycling 13,000km from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe, exploring remote corners of northern Mozambique and the deserts of Namibia, and canoeing 1,453km down the Zambezi River. After killing his first lion barehanded he was deemed ready for next stage of education (boys boarding school) and was sent to the UK for secondary school and university where he completed a Masters ın Cıvıl Engıneerıng and then a Masters ın Sustaınable Development.

Dan met Mike on an exchange year in Montreal when they played for the McGill university squash team. Dan was introduced to snowsports and the cold, -53 cold, and in return he invited Mike out to the heat of Africa for adventures and abandoned him in the jungle for several months as a 'volunteer' doing environmental conservation.

A chartered civil engineer, Dan later took a sabatical from his employeers and spent a year as a volunteer as site engineer and manager for the construction of a run-of-river hydro electric scheme on the upper Zambezi River (with the North West Zambia Development Trust

Having both volunteered for significant periods in this remote and undeveloped corner, they seek to raise awareness and funds for the extention of the electricity grid to supply the local villagers.

Dan has been based in London for about 6 years and now works in the field of infrastructure project finance for KPMG.  Recently voted as the Sunday Times best company to work for, they certainly get a big thank you  for letting him take unpaid leave to do this.

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