UK Baltic Study Group

Statement of purpose:

'The UK Baltic Study Group is an informal and interdisciplinary forum, meeting annually, to foster greater discussion, collaborative research, interaction with policy practitioners and other non-academic partners and – potentially – joint activities in teaching. Membership of the group is open to UK academics and postgraduates from any discipline with an interest in the Baltic who are conducting research relevant to the area. Meetings will rotate annually between institutions, and will consist of invited papers (maximum three) and discussion, followed by an annual meeting and a dinner. The costs of hosting each meeting will be met partly by the host institution, and partly from membership fees. Attendees will be responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation and evening meal. The annual membership fee for both academics and postgraduates is ten pounds'

This statement of aims was adopted during the inaugural meeting of the Group at the University of Glasgow on 28 June 2005. Speakers on this occasion were Professor John Hiden, who spoke on the tasks of a Baltic Study Group, and Mr Richard Samuel, who talked about the reestablishment of a British diplomatic presence in Latvia following the 1991 restoration of independence.


Timofey Agarin

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, Queen's University Belfast