Rosary Boxes

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The idea of a Rosary Box is to fill a box with small items representing the Mysteries of the Rosary. These can then be used by small children either to follow along with older members of the family praying the Rosary, or to introduce the Mysteries at the child's own level. Even quite young toddlers enjoy these boxes, which make the Biblical events tangible for them. More than one suggested item is included for many of the Mysteries to make it as easy as possible to put the box together from items families are likely to have to hand. Occasionally the same item appears in more than one place - pick and choose what you want to use!

I have made PDF files with printable cards for each Mystery. These can be downloaded for personal use. Children can learn to match the items to the cards and use them to learn the order of the Mysteries. To make Montessori-style three part cards, print out two sets of cards, and cut the second set into separate pictures and captions. 

* I believe all the pictures used in the cards are out of copyright. If this is not the case, please bring it to my attention. The pictures are used on a number of different Rosary websites. 

* Ideas for box contents contributed by myself, Jenn Miller, Mary M and Amanda.

Rosary Cards (PDF file) 

Joyful Mysteries

    1. Annunciation - small angel; small bell or horn; miniature Bible or prayer book; marigold or other seeds (the Holy Spirit planted a seed in Mary's womb)
    2. Visitation - small baby object such as bootees; springy toy (John the Baptist "leaped in her womb")
    3. Nativity - baby Jesus from a Nativity set; very small baby doll
    4. Presentation of - dove or other bird such as a chicken from a farmyard set; candle (to represent Jesus, the Light of the World)
    5. Finding of Jesus in the Temple - scroll to represent the Temple scroll (easily made with paper and two matchsticks)

Luminous Mysteries

    1. Baptism of the Lord - small Holy Water bottle; shell
    2. Wedding at Cana - wine cork; bunch of plastic grapes; small wine bottle party favour; small jar or bottle (wine is in jars)
    3. Preaching of the Kingdom of God - prayer card with the Act of Contrition (conversion and repentence); purple cloth cut into shape of a stole (as worn by a priest to hear Confessions)
    4. Transfiguration - sun (model or picture); piece of white cloth
    5. Institution of the Eucharist - toy crackers; miniature chalice and paten (could be made from Sculpey clay, salt dough or tinfoil); white poker chips or foam board cut into a circle and marked with a black cross

Sorrowful Mysteries

    1. Agony in the Garden - small sword; chain; packet of seeds
    2. Scourging at the Pillar - whip (string or yarn tied to a small stick)
    3. Crowning with Thorns - thorny twig, twisted into a crown if possible
    4. Carrying of the Cross - small cross
    5. Crucifixion - small crucifix

Glorious Mysteries

    1. Resurrection - small empty box to represent empty tomb; stone; picture of Shroud of Turin (could be transferred to cloth if desired)
    2. Ascension - cotton ball (to represent a cloud)
    3. Descent of the Holy Spirit - dove; fire (picture or toy); small candle to represent flame; miniature kite (rushing wind)
    4. Assumption of Mary - aromatic herbs such as rosemary (Assumption is a time for blessing herbs and fruits of the harvest); star (reminder of the heavens)
    5. Crowning of Mary  - crown; star (reminder of the Biblical quote "the moon at her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars")