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"It is my opinion that a book worth reading only in childhood is not worth reading even then" (C.S.Lewis) 

I have always been a bookworm, but having children and then deciding to teach them at home led me back into the world of children's literature. I started stocking our home library with books I wanted them to read when they were older - and started reading the books myself. I became reacquainted with old friends, and made new ones. Historian met home educator and I found myself collecting narrative histories written for children in the days when they were thought capable of reading five hundred page history books. I began hunting down children's historical fiction; appalled that so many of the best books of the genre were out of print, I rescued as many as possible, whenever possible. Tevye began to groan when he saw me approaching the door with a bag of books. I discovered Charlotte Mason and started gathering up living books. I wrote booklists, gathering titles from a wide variety of sources. I suspect I have far more children's books than my children will ever read. But hey! I can read them!

The books I recommend on this site are a mixed bag of subjects and styles, but I hope they all have one thing in common - they are worth reading. Obviously books are a matter of taste, and what one child loves may leave another cold, but each book here has the potential to give your child (and you, if you share it with them) something to help them learn and grow. I aim to choose books that reflect our own values. Though most are not explicitly Christian (or Jewish) books, they do tend to have a moral underpinning that clearly distinguishes between good and bad. I love rediscovering old books, so I make no apology for recommending books some books that are out of print. With the big internet book networks available, finding old books is easier than it has ever been. 

Click on the links below to take you to a selection of book lists and reviews. For history book lists, please see my history pages.


Children's Literature

  • Classic Collection - my top ten of classic British children’s books. Ten books all children should read
  • Classic America - classics from the other side of the Atlantic
  • Books for Babies - board books and simple stories for tiny tots
  • Picture Books - a selection of my favourites
  • Sugar and Spice - and all things nice. Books for little girls.
  • Ballet - books for budding ballerinas
  • Early learning - books for 3 to 6 year olds
  • Maps - Maps, Mapping and Atlases 
  • Earth Studies - physical geography resources
  • The World 
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia and Antarctica
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South and Central America
Science and Nature
  • Seeds and Seasons - books for beginning the study of the natural world with young children
  • Nature Study