The annual BNTG meeting is open to clinicians who are involved with the care of neurotrauma patients at any stage of the patient’s journey (pre-hospital, hospital, rehabilitation). Scientists and allied health professionals are also welcome.

Information for members

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Aaron McLean Royal London Hospital Trauma Research Fellow  
A. David Mendelow Newcastle, UK Professor of Neurosurgery  
Aminul Ahmed Southampton, UK Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery  
Andrew King Manchester, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon & Professor  
Angelos Kolias Cambridge, UK Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery  
Anthony Strong King's College, London Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery  
Antonio Belli Birmingham, UK Reader in Neurotrauma & Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Barbara Gregson Newcastle, UK Clinical Trials Director  
Catherine Harris Liverpool, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Christos Tolias King's College, London Consultant Neurosurgeon  
David Lawson Liverpool, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
David Price Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK Retired Neurosurgeon  
Diederik Bulters Southampton, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Douglas Gentleman  Dundee, UK Clinical Director in Neurorehabilitation  
Giles Critchley Brighton, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Ivan Timofeev Cambridge, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Jake Timothy Leeds, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
John Norris Brighton, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
John Pickard Cambridge, UK Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery  
John Wadley  Royal London Hospital Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Kevin Tsang Bristol, UK Neurosurgical Registrar   
Liz Corteen Cambridge, UK Research Nurse in Neurotrauma  
Manjunath Prasad KS Middlesbrough, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Marek Czosnyka Cambridge, UK Reader in Brain Physics  
Marios Papadopoulos St George's, London Reader & Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Mark Wilson Imperial College, London Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Melissa Werndle St George's, London Neurosurgical Registrar  
Nicholas Haden Plymouth, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Patrick Mitchell Newcastle, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Peter Hutchinson Cambridge, UK Professor of Neurosurgery  
Peter Kirkpatrick Cambridge, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Peter Whitfield Plymouth, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon & Associate Professor  
Petra Makela King's College, London Darzi Fellow (Head Injury Pathway), Rehabilitation Physician  
Rafid Al-Mahfoudh Brighton  Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Simon Shaw Stoke-on-Trent, UK Consultant Neurosurgeon  
Stuart Harrisson Southampton, UK  Neurosurgical Registrar  
Toby Jeffcote King's College, London Clinical Research Fellow in Neurosurgery  
Showing 37 items