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blogs that i'm a part of.  they mostly contain links and information that i want to share with my family and friends and in the case of blog schmlog with fellow fine art students

  • Rasbhara Recipes  from and for friends and family - working as a notebook as well as for sharing.
  • Blog Schmlog art smarts for art students.  links to information and resources available online
  • Maya a place where i hope to display all my work, the good, bad and ugly.  more than a portfolio - Currently Under Construction
  • La Martiniere Old Girls '83 hoping that this will help all of us (batch of '83)  catch up with each other
  • Kasan Karta Go?  -  a site for the Prabhu family
  • gKalab - for The bangalore gang
  • In Parallel  - for cross posting to my sites - currently lives in gKalab and Kasan Karta Go?

I'm hopin to move some blogs to wordpress or at least mirror them there and now have new URL's for those. 

when someone surfs and surfs like mad and is a hoarder that someone ends up with tons of information and i have collected a load of that and part of it are the bookmarks.  this social bookmarking thingy had me going beserk.  i wanted to try them all - for quite a few months i had just del.ici.ous and then i signed up with mag.nolia (i like the building groups idea) and then it was blinklist (which i like v.much) and i tried out shadows too and wait i think there are more have to go back and dig(g).  but a saviour was lurking around the horizon OnlyWire - allows me to put my bookmark into all the social bookmarking sites that i subscribe too yahoo! so let me now try and list them.