About Us

Please contact any one of the Graduate Affiliates below to schedule an appointment.

Derek Attig
(dattig2@illinois.edu) is a PhD student in History. Derek has taught upper-level undergraduate courses in both History and Gender & Women's Studies and has served as a teaching assistant for a wide range of courses in History. Derek is committed to promoting student engagement in the classroom and the intelligent, careful use of technology to enhance student learning outcomes. Derek's dissertation is a cultural history of the bookmobile as a tool for imagining, building, and contesting communities in the twentieth-century United States. Derek is interested in applied research and public scholarship, having served as a Google Policy Fellow with the American Library Association's Office for Information Technology Policy in 2012 and as a regular contributor to Book Riot. 

Audrey Neville (acnevil2@illinois.edu) is a PhD student in Political Science, with a focus on political psychology. As a graduate student, she has taught introductory American politics classes with Drs. Kris Miler, Tracy Sulkin, and Michael Krassa, as well as classes on racial and ethnic politics with Dr. Cara Wong. She is currently teaching a public speaking course through the communications department, and will be the teaching assistant for Dr. Robert McChesney's "Media, Money, and Power" course in Spring 2014. Her master's thesis focused on the relationship between party systems and levels of social and political tolerance, and her dissertation focuses on how identity and group membership influences evaluations of political representatives. In her free time, she reads, does yoga (poorly!), and cooks. 

Daniel Scholes
(scholes2@illinois.edu) is a Postdoc in Animal Biology.  Daniel has been a teaching assistant for eight different Integrative Biology courses over the ten semesters of his PhD. These courses include ecology, genetics, evolution, anatomy, and conservation, among others.  His teaching experiences include discussions, labs, and lectures at the introductory, core, and advanced levels.  His research activities integrate cell biology with ecology, where he seeks to understand the ways in which organisms utilize an alternative cell cycle to alter cell characteristics and ultimately promote organismal growth, development, reproduction, and stress tolerance.  His hobbies include painting (acrylics and watercolors), growing tropical plants, and French language and culture.

Aaron Oaks (aoaks2@illinois.edu) is a PhD student in Nuclear Engineering, with a focus in materials science. Aaron developed and has taught the LaTeX Programming for Math and Science short course for the College of Engineering for seven semesters. He also taught the Learning in Community (LINC) service-learning course in Fall 2013. His teaching experience includes lectures, discussion, and lab classes. Aaron's research focuses on the development of a Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation code, and the application of that code to study the effects of radiation damage in iron.

Kimberly Pusateri (kpusate2@illinois.edu) is a PhD student in Communication, with a focus in Interpersonal Communication. Kimberly has been a teaching assistant for four different Communication courses over the eight semesters of her PhD. These courses include smaller classes of 40 or fewer students (Public Speaking), online classes (Introduction to Health Communication), grading responsibilities (Communication Technology and Society) and large lecture classes with discussion sections (Sexual Communication and Introduction to Interpersonal Communication). Kimberly’s research interests center on family communication topics, with an emphasis in health communication and communication technologies. When she is not working, Kimberly can most often be found spending time with her dog, Kodi, or curled up with a novel and coffee.