Our Story
The University of Iowa Gardeners was established in the Spring of 2009. Growing sustainable produce is where our passion lies. Our 1/3-acre garden provides an educational model that addresses environmental, social, cultural, and economical issues that affect our contemporary food system. To ensure quality produce, we create an environment that is rooted in the principles of organic agriculture. Although we are not a certified organic garden, we grow our produce without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Our produce is either sold to the University of Iowa or donated to the Iowa City community.

We hold meetings on Mondays at 8pm in the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability, and we work in the Student Garden from the end of March until November. New volunteers and members are always welcome, and no skills are needed or required. We all grow and learn together!

Our Mission
  1. Educate individuals about the value of local, sustainably grown food.
  2. Demonstrate gardening techniques and skills for UI students, faculty, staff, and Iowa City community members.
  3. Provide sustainably grown food to UI and the Iowa City community.
  4. Maintain a space where UI faculty can offer outdoor education and can experiment with innovative, sustainable gardening techniques.
  5. Collaborate with UI student organizations, faculty, staff, and Iowa City community members to implement sustainability-oriented events and initiatives.
  6. Promote a culture of volunteerism that strengthens the connection between sustainability and the individual.

Our Location
Our garden is nestled off Hawkeye Park Rd, across from the Hawkeye Recreation Fields.

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