UI Components for Java ME

The true power of Java ME Low Level UI API

Text Box

Text Box is a suitable kind of screen to display a long text. Besides of providing a vertical scroll bar, it also enables to align the text to different directions (i.e. LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT). In additional, the text can also be justified, as well as the component's layout can be set as NORMAL or PRINTING.


  • Vertical scroll bar for long texts
  • Text alignment (i.e LEFT, CENTER and RIGHT)
  • Justified text
  • Two layout views: NORMAL and PRINTING

Main Methods

  • public void setText(String text)
  • public void append(String text)
  • public String getText()
  • public void setTextAlignment(int align)

Code Snippet

TextBox tb = new TextBox("Text Screen");
tb.setText("My loooong text.");